Wednesday, February 16, 2011

First one in 2011

Wow! Can't believe we're halfway thru February already! Before we know it the summer will be here, kids will go back to school, then the end of the year, and we start all over again.
Although the begining of 2011 didn't turn out as I had planned, I haven't kept up with any of my goals for the year, so far it's turned out to be pretty GREAT!

Today I came across a blog of a friend who had originally invited me to follow her blog back in January. I know, I'm a bad friend. It's crazy how busy we get in our everyday lives and are left with just enough energy to crawl into bed. It's been a year since I last spoke or saw her. She just celebrated her first year in marriage, how time flies, how exciting for her and her honey; but was saddened to read that she's been very ill and I'm now just finding out, I'm such a bad friend. We get all so wrapped up with the craziness of the everyday and forget the little things that can go a long way.  Last year I reunited with a handful of friends and promised to keep in touch with them atleast once a month, and I haven't kept my part. =(  Not Good!

It's now time to play catch up.... stay tuned for all the happenings from January till now!