Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Painting Fiesta

A few months ago I purchased a Living Social deal for a "BYOB Painting Fiesta" class and I finally made it before my coupon expired.

Ladies, if you have not yet taken one of these classes I totally recommend you do. I had a blast! Best part is NO Experience Needed.

You bring your bottle of favorite wine, and they provide you with your canvas, paint brushes, paint, apron, and the instructor. The steps are really easy to follow and at the end the masterpiece is yours.

Here are some pictures from lastnight.
Our Supplies :)
My Circle
This is supposed to be a beautiful sunset...
My tree trunk and branches
Almost done
My Masterpiece...wonder if my Honey will let me hang it up in our home. ;)
You can add gloss to your painting for an extra $3
My friend Sayda and I with our paintings
& finallly All The Artists in the class.
Overall class was so much fun. I can't wait to take another one.
Think everyone should try this atleast once, it's fun and  best of all affordable.

Friday, January 11, 2013

To Pack or Not to Pack

22 days and counting...
Moving day is quickly creeping up on me and I've only packed ONE box. Moving must be the worst task ever, this is probably why I've lived in the same place for so long. Here I sit complaining about packing my bedroom, I can't even begin to imagine having to pack an entire house. Sure I love the idea of moving into a new place, start the new year fresh, organized, and clutter FREE...but the path to that happy ending is just mentally and physically exhausting, even more since I work during the week.
As I walked into my bedroom lastnight and looked around I immediately made a u-turn and walked right back out. I sat and thought, "Where the HECK am I going to stick all this stuff in my new place?" How is that one can "STOCK" up on so much?! As I went through my first junk drawer, cause you all know you own one, two, ok maybe even 3 of these in different rooms of your house. I'm guilty of this, only that I have 3 drawers in my bedroom because my Mom would not allow me to have them anywhere else in the house. I've found stuff I didn't even know I had, yet alone stuff that I'd actually buy. There were keychains, pens, frames, stickers, highlighter, receipts, little notes, pictures, a million paperclips, 6 hole punchers, 4 rolls of tape, and 2 boxes of staples. You'd think I was running a business out of my drawer.  Not to mention all the plastic boxes I have crap thrown into because I have no idea where to put all that stuff. Will I ever finish packing?
So Here's my game plan:

 22 days till Moving Day
Thurs. TODAY- Take my bed apart and make the air mattress my new bestfriend. (I need the extra space in the room for boxes.)
Fri.    Day 22... Busy... NO packing getting done

Sat.    Day 21... Busy... NO packing getting done

Sun.   Day 20... Make 3 piles. Keep, Garbage, Donate and attack my bookshelf.

Mon.  Day 19... Clean out and pack night stands and wall decor

Tues.  Day 18... Clean out and pack tall dresser

Wed.  Day 17... Time to let go of my babies "shoes".
Thurs. Day 16... Clean out and pack Dresser/Mirror

Fri.      Day 15... Go to storage and find my kitchen stuff.

Sat.      Day 14... Taking girls to the Circus most likely no packing    

Sun.     Day 13... Go through all knick-knack boxes

Mon.    Day 12... Closet Packing Day  

Tues.   Day 11... Start taking stuff to new home, unpack & put away 
Wed.    Day 10... Start taking stuff to new home, unpack & put away  
Thurs.  Day 9... Start taking stuff to new home, unpack & put away
Fri.       Day 8... Start taking stuff to new home, unpack & put away
Sat.      Day 7... Move bedroom furniture

Sun.     Day 6... Unpack & putaway stuff
Mon.    Day 5... Unpack & putaway stuff  

Tues.    Day 4... Unpack & putaway stuff  
Wed.    Day 3... Unpack & putaway stuff
Thurs.  Day 2... Everything should be unpacked, clean, and in move-in condition.
Fri. Move-In Date: Kick Back Relax and enjoy the nest.
If only I had a magic wand that would do all the packing and unpacking for me.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Coffee Talk #17


1. Would you rather have a pen pal or an email pal?

Her- I'd prefer a pen pal, I'm very old school. It's much more exciting to get something in the mail other than bills.
Him- An email pal.

2. What are you wearing at this exact moment?
Her- Jeans, with a grey top
Him- Jeans, and a v-neck

3. When you are sick, how do you handle it?
Her- I'm definately a baby, I like to be taken care of.
Him- I hate being sick! Like a big baby.

4. I am _____________ [fill in the blank].
Her- counting down the days till moving day!
Him- all that I could be.

5. Movie you are excited to see this year????Her- Iron Man 3
Him- Iron Man 3

Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 Friday Letters #1

TGIF!!! When I got back to the office on Wednesday it felt like Monday, and when I woke up this morning I realized it was Friday again! Yeeeeeaaaaah Buddy that's what I'm talking about! We should have seriously have 3 day weeks all the time...Anyone know who I can talk to?

Ok so I know I'm a day behind... But I didn't want to miss out this week's link-up. Better late than never, right?!

Dear Friday, You have no idea how excited I was when I realized you here!

Dear Honey, Everyday that goes by I love you a little a more. Thank you for putting up with me the past few weeks. 

Dear Paycheck, why can't you mysteriously add a few more digits to yourself each month, I won't be greedy, maybe just add one extra digit to the amount, and I'll be good to go.

Dear Bills, After updating my BROKE spreadsheet this morning and adding a few new rows to you today, is there anyway you can temporarily delete yourself from the bill collectors for the next few months? Pretty Please!

Dear New Apartment, the next 27 days can't come quick enough, I'm so excited to start moving in and making you pretty.

Dear Blogger Friends, I'm wishing you all have a FABULOUS weekend!



Friday, January 4, 2013

Coffee Talk #16: Happy New Year!

I'm back to one of my favorite link-ups, Nathalie's Coffee Talk.
So here's the first one in 2013!

1. It's 2013! What will be the first thing you do that is memorable? -
Her- Buying a new home!!!!
Him- Buying a home!

2. It's also income tax season... what do you plan on doing with all of that $$$?
Her- Use it towards my down payment for my new home.
Him- Using it to buy a house.

3. What a re your 2012 pros/cons?
Her- Pros: Meeting my Honey, New Career Opportunity, Traveling More
        Cons: Family Issues

Him- Pros: Traveling, Meeting Libby
         Cons: NONE

4. What are you looking forward to this year?
Her- Getting married, Moving into my new home, Getting healthyHim- Purchasing a home. Losing 30 more pounds.

5. What was your favorite movie, CD album, book of 2012?
Her- Movie: The Amazing Spider Man
        CD: Taylor Swift Red
        TV Show: I don't really watch tv

Him- Movie: Batman The Dark Knight Rises
         CD: I don't buy CDs...I use the best app ever...Rdio
         Book:I don't read books, but I heard 50 shades of grey is pretty good. ::rolls eyes::
         TV Show: Walking Dead, Breaking Bad

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mickey x's 3

New Year, New Goals, & Lots of New Exciting Things to look forward to.

I could sit here and promise that this year I'd write a post everyday and as much as I'd love to, reality is I sometimes suffer from writer's block therefore I'm only promising to write atleast once a week.
The end of my year was ahhhmazzzing!!!! Spent the weekend with 2 of my loves, my Honey and Mickey. We went to Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Magic Kingdom. My favorite of the 3 parks, other than seeing Mickey at each park, at Animal Kingdom my favorite was The Lion King show. At Hollywood Studios,it was watching Walt's "One Man's Dream Show". And at Magic Kingdom, the Fireworks!!!
By the way, if any of you ever decide to spend NYE at Disney, I say you think twice. I've been to Disney about a dozen times this past year, and recall one of the visits, the park closed due to reaching maximum capacity. After planning my trip, I did some research and thought, I will make it to park at the time it opens, which is at 8am. When we arrived one side of the parking lot was already full; (Say what it wasn't even 8am) Once parked we rushed in to the park, and when we got in we were good to go.
I've never seen so many people in my life. The lines at the rides were a minimum of 100mins, not to mention the bathroom lines, you'd think they were giving away free stuff when you got there. 
By the time it was 7pm we were so exhausted and it was so congested, that I was ready to go. When the Electrical Parade began the streets were closed down, and you were only allowed to go one way and had to walk around the park to get to the other side. Luckily we found our way around and found a spot in front of the castle and sat for a bit, but I then realized I had to go to the bathroom. I knew once I left my spot, I was not only going to lose it, but I was not going to be able to get back in, but I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold it for 5 hours, so I got up and left. My Honey found another spot on Main Street and waited as I went to the bathroom, (Did I mention the lines to the ladies room was atleast a 5-10min wait?) when I was done and went back to where I left my Honey, they had blocked off that area and asked him to leave, leaving me on Main Street with no cell phone reception, freaking out, and not knowing where to start looking for him. After calling him 5 times I was finally able to get through and found him in Tomorrowland. From there we had to walk halfway around the park to try to find another spot to rest. At this point I was so exhausted it didn't matter where I saw the fireworks or if I even saw them, but my Honey was determined to find me the perfect spot so I can see the show and he made it happen! "He truly is the BEST"!
The park was overcrowded, we were beyond exhausted but the firework show at midnight was AMAZING! So well worth the wait! T
hank you Honey for not letting me talk you into leaving!
Again if you ever plan on visiting Disney for NYE be prepared to stand in lines for 2 hours+, bathroom lines approx 5-10 mins so don't wait till the last minute to run to the potty cause you may just NOT make it, you WILL bump into people, your feet WILL hurt so much till they become numb, but at the end, the 15 minute Firework show is well worth it.
Overall my trip was great, my Honey spoiled me to the fullest, and it was truly one of the greatest endings and beginnings to the year!
Enough of my babbling...
Here are 3 new pictures of Me & Mickey, not that you haven't seen enough.
& I got my NY Kiss from Mickey!
Perfect ending to 2012!