Thursday, September 27, 2012

Coffee Talk- Week Three

Coffee Talk with Natalie Blair

1. What is your daily routine?
Her- I wake up, check my email, brush my teeth, wake up the girls, shower, get dressed, have breakfast, prepare my lunch, check homework, and go to work, come home, shower, have dinner, do housework, hangout with the girls, check emails, read blogs, talk to the huns, sleep.
Him- wake up, shower, make breakfast 30 grams of protein baby!, call my baby, and go to work.

2. Are you a morning or night person?

Her- I'd say a little of both. 
Him- I'm an ALL day everyday person.

3. What do you eat for breakfast? Or do you skip it and go for brunch?
Her- I love breakfast at any time! I have eggs, toast, and OJ , or oatmeal, or a bowl of cereal and some type of fruit.
Him- Breakfast, eggs, oatmeal, protein shake, or sometimes a sandwich.

4. How do you wind down at night?
Her- Curl up in bed with the girls, later talk to the Huns about our day, or catch up on some of my favorite blogs until it's time for lights out.
Him- After work it's easy to wind down. Watch tv until I fall asleep.

5. What time do you go to bed or what is your normal bedtime?
Her- I'm usually ready for bed by 10:30, but lately I've been going to bed around midnight. :/ 
Him- Anytime between 10:30pm and 12:00am

If you have not yet joined in with Natalie for some Coffee Talk, go grab your cup o' joe and let's go!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I CAN & I WILL.... week one

Week one Recap:

Since my appointment with the Dr. last week, I've decided to change my Lifestyle as soon as I walked out the door. When it comes to dieting  eating healthy it's not as hard for me as long as I can keep motivated. I don't mind eating the healthy food and can definately eat salads and vegetables everyday without getting bored, and once someone KICKS my butt into gear after the first week I can keep my routine to the gym. My weakness are SWEETS!!!! I'd give up my plate of food for a piece of cake anyday and it's probably why I'm hear today. Good thing my Honey is a health freak and gave me a game plan.
 As many people, I always skipped breakfast and tried to survive on a cup o' joe, and never thought of the importance of breakfast and snacking. So I tried it this week and I have to say, I'm no longer in starvation mode come lunch time which helps me not overeat. I feel full all day and my portions have become smaller. So in order to keep me accountable, I purchased snacks that I can leave at work and I've also set ongoing alerts on my phone to remind me that it's time for a snack or a meal.
This is what I've eaten this week. 
No breakfast {Lab work done} :(
Lunch- 1pm: Publix Chicken salad, with Balsamic Vinegar
 Snack- 3:30pm: Banana
Snack- 5pm: Apple slices
Dinner- 6:30pm: Lime Grilled Chicken Fiesta Salad
Breakfast- 7am: Original oatmeal with blueberries, banana
Snack-10:30am: Sugar free strawberry Jello
Lunch- 1pm: Salad Creations, Sophie's Strawberry Salad
Snack- 4pm: 1 cup of strawberries & 1/2 of a banana
Dinner- 8pm: Chicken breast with steamed greenbeans
Breakfast-7:30am: Bowl of Special K cereal
Snack- 9:30am Cup of Organic Trail mix
Snack- 11:30am: apple and cranberries
Lunch- 1:30pm: Pollo Tropical Chicken Salad
Snack- 3:45pm: 1 cup of organic trail mix
Snack- 5pm- Fruit Salad
Dinner- 8pm: Chili's Chicken and Bean Salad 
Breakfast- 8:30am: 2 eggs (boiled), 1 slice of wheat toast, 1 orange
Lunch- 1pm: Paradise Cafe's Chicken Salad
4pm: BBQ Chicken and 2 spoons of macaroni salad
Dinner-8:30pm: Sirloin Steak and Steamed Brocolli
Breakfast- 8am: bowl of raisin bran cereal, 2 eggs (boiled), 1 slice of wheat toast, 1 orange
Lunch- 1pm: 1/2 of a Publix Ham & Cheese Spinach Wrap
4pm: 1/2 of a Publix Ham & Cheese Spinach Wrap
Dinner- 8:30pm- Steak & Steamed Veggies
Breakfast- 8:30am: Bowl of raisin bran cereal, 1 egg, 1/2 slice of wheat toast, 1 orange
Snack- 11am: Banana
Lunch- 1:30pm: The Daily's Washington Avenue Salad
Snack- 4pm: Apple slices
6pm: 1 cup or organic trail mix, 1 cup of grapes
Dinner-8pm: 2 baked chicken pieces, 1/2 can of green beans
Breakfast- 7:30am: Original oatmeal 1 tspoon of cinnamon and sliced apples
Snack-10:30am: Apple & Watermelon slices
Lunch- 2pm: The Daily's Greek Salad with Chicken
Snack-4pm: Banana
5:30pm: Sugar Free Chocolate pudding
Dinner-7:35pm: Chicken and Veggies 

While researching how to change my lifestyle, I came across this article. Thought I'd share it you!
It's been only one week and when I weighed in this morning,
I'm down 6 lbs. Yay Me!
What do you guys have for breakfast? Any healthy breakfast recipes?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Coffee Talk- Week Two

It's time for Coffee Talk with Natalie!

1. What is your favorite kind of coffee? Iced? Hot? Frappe? Or are you a tea kind of person?
Her- I'm not a coffee drinker anymore, but my favorite has to be Starbuck's Peppermint Mocha, can't wait till christmas time.

Him- Hot Citrus tea

2. What is your dream computer/laptop? And what kind are you using now?
Her- I don't know much about all this techy stuff, for me any laptop or computer is the same. I have a Compaq
Him- Everything Apple Baby! An Ipad.

3. Have you ever regretted a blog post? What did you say?
Her- I've never reqretted any of my posts.
Him- I don't blog...I never regret what I do. NO REGRETS

4. What is your favorite book?
Her- I have so many. My all time favorite is "PERFECT" by Judith McNaught, but I'm currently loving Love the One You're With by Emily Giffin
Him- I'm more of a magazine person. My Favorite magazine is Entrepreneur

5. What's in your bag? (pictures too please!!)
Her- Make-up remover wipes, hand sanitizer, keys, inhaler, pocket planner, body spray, lipgloss, make-up bag, wallet, id case.
Him- I don't have a bag.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

There is nothing permanent except change

Happy Humpday my Beautiful Friends!
The weekend is right around the corner! Can you smell it?!
I sure can, I'm super excited about spending some QT with the Huns, watching Nemo in 3D with my little princesses, and watching some FOOTBALL. Hopefully my Boys won't break my heart again this weekend! And it'll be 7 days closer till I see the other love of my life,
ºoº Mickey Mouse ºoº!!!
Before I get to my thoughts, what the heck is up with this new blogger design? Or is that I haven't upgraded my blogger and still living in the stone age? Ugh! Dear Mr. or Mrs. Blogger Person, Robot, why must you change stuff and mess with my brain? Really if the old blogger wasn't broke why would you go and change it? Grrr.

Anywho, this is probably my first post ever that I sit and share with the world some of my inner personal thoughts and feelings. Although I won't get into too much detail, today I've FINALLY learned that when you talk about your worries, stress, and some of your problems it helps and ALOT.
  This morning I went to see the doctor as promised, the past few weeks I've noticed that my hands and feet are swelling alot and it hurts to walk. I've also noticed some weight change, and some other things in my body that didn't feel right. Yes, I'm hardheaded and sometimes think that things will magically get better and disappear; but doctors and clinics just creep me out. After sitting in the waiting room for what felt like forever, I finally meet with the nurse, she asks me a million questions...checks my temperature, blood pressure, my heart, my height, and my weight; just like any other visit...only that this time, when she tells me the number on the scale I literally had tears in my eyes.  I couldn't believe it, never in my life had I pictured that number, or what it would look or feel like, yet alone see it before my eyes. I shortly met with the doctor and told her why I came to see her, she listened, and then... she pointed over to a weight chart and showed where I stand, for a second I felt disappointed in myself, and she continued and said, "You're a very beautiful woman, and You're young, and I know that if you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything and more, BUT if you don't change your lifestyle IMMEDIATELY, and by that I don't mean tomorrow, next week, or next month, I mean TODAY! You're going to die at a young age!" & That was my wake-up call!

I know everyone has struggled with weight loss at some point in their life. I've tried just about every diet out there, purchased all these workout videos, and workout machines, and some have worked but unless you continue to eat right and excercise, the weight comes back and sometimes it even doubles as in my case.
2 hours and $131 later, I've realized that NOW is the time to kick @ss!!!
So sad that I had to wait this long and hear it from a stranger to realize it.
So I invite you on this new chapter of my life as
I learn to eat and live healthy!

I will post my weekly menus, workouts, tips, pictures, challenges, achievements, etc so be sure to check in with my "I CAN & I WILL" posts. I'd love to hear what has worked for you all.

"There is nothing permanent except change"
I must add, my Huns has been the greatest today, he's listened, he's worried, he's cared, he's felt my pain, and held me close as I cried my sad news away... Thank you Baby for being the Greatest! I love you!
P.S. Dear Besties' I know you girls are always there for me, and that you're only a phone call away, but I know you too have your day to day issues, and one of  you is running on a low battery backup. :)
I love you girls and just knowing that you're there for me, makes it all better! xo


Tuesday, September 18, 2012


My bestie finally popped over the weekend. Ha! 
We were texting back and forth early morning , finalizing out plans for our brunch date with our bestie G who just got into town from VA and a few moments later, G and I get a text that her water just broke!
....And the excitement began!
I'd like to introduce the most handsome little guy I've met over the weekend, Prince Ethan.

Isn't he the cutest?!
8 lbs 9 oz, 20 3/4 inches
1 day old
Both Mommy & Baby are doing well. :)
P.S. Baby Ethan, Auntie Libby can't wait to spoil you!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Spread the Polish...

I can't think of anyone who doesn't love nail polish, or one who minds receiving a nice little package in the mail with 2 brand new polishes either. This is why I joined Rachel and Carly for a polish swap.

I was partnered with Nicole my Fashion go to girl! Nicole is the sweetest and I love her Friday Fancies; I have yet to join her and her fellow bloggers. Be sure to visit her world of fashion and probably polka dots. :)

lala Lists

 The packaging was super cute!
My nieces took over my package and helped unwrap them.

Pink Glitter: A Cut Above
Neutral: Chinchilly

Even my honey approved of the color. :)
My nieces LOVED getting glittered mani's. :)

Thank you so much Nicole I ABSOLUTELY loved it!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

July Swap Continued...

Back in July Alyx hosted a swap and I was originally partnered with Kara, but she was going to be out of town the week of the swap so was unable to participate, however we did keep in touch and when she returned we swapped.
Kara is the sweetest. She loves photography and has taken beautiful pictures of nature and her siblings. Be sure to stop by her space and say hello.

Here are the goodies she sent me.
She did GREAT! Loved the daisy stickers, notecards, and the Mickey and Minnie garden flag.
The girls snatched the coin purse from me :)
She even hand-made hello kitty bows and handbags for my nieces.
The girls loved receiving goodies for them too.
Thanks again Kara!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Coffee Talk- Week One

One of my fellow Floridian bloggers, Natalie just started this Coffee Talk link-up
and I'm so excited to be joining in.

For this Coffee Talk link-up and going forward I'm going to steal Alyx's "HIM&HER" sessions and have the Huns join me in the fun!
1. It's finally fall! What are you looking forward to this year?
Her- Some cooler weather, although it never feels cooler here! Fall Colors!!! I love the browns, mustards, oranges, fall colors are soo pretty.
Him-ummm. Cooler weather and fall fashion.

2. What fall item is in your closet that you can't wait to pull out?
Her- Boots and scarves!
Him- I dont have any!


3. Since Halloween is the first holiday to celebrate, we all get treated with a horror movie marathon all month long... what is your favorite scary movie to watch?
Her- I don't like scary movies. A few years ago, my friends tricked me in going to the movies, after the first few minutes, I FORCED myself to sleep.
Him- Halloween, Scream, Ring part 1, I know what you did last summer, Paranormal Activity

4. What is your favorite fall treat? (recipes welcome)
Her- Definately Candy Corn. Yum!
Him-I dont have one.

5. Now that summer is finally over, what will you miss most about it?
Her- It feels like summer all year long in Miami, but I'd have to say wearing halter tops and flipflops.
Him- I will miss the hot weather.

 That's all folks! Be sure to join in for next week's session!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

I'm BACK!!!

I know I've been MIA, but I'm back!!!
 I've been swamped at work and by the time I get home, I'm left with just enough energy to shower and crawl into bed. But thankfully I'm alive and kicking!
I also haven't been feeling too well, the past weeks. I've noticed that my hands and feet are swelling up all the time and it hurts when I get up to walk. I'm a bit hard-headed sometimes and think that I can get better magically and that it's ok to skip the doctor, but reality is, instead of my swelling getting better it's getting worse. So I've finally scheduled an appointment with the doctor next week. Hopefully I'm not dying yet!

Let's see what's been going on with my life the past week or so...

I surprised my honey with a fun-filled weekend for our 6 month anniversary.
We went to the Marlins vs Mets game at the New Marlins Stadium.

The stadium is BEAUTIFUL. Unfortunately the Marlins lost to the Mets 3-0. We got to see Billy the Marlin a few rows away, I was hoping to get my picture taken with him, but I would've had to fight an army to get to him. Maybe next time. Overall, my Honey and I had a great time. (Highlight of the night: The guy who came around yelling "ICE COLD BEER" RaaaaR!!!)
Can you spot Billy the Marlin?! :)
 My Honey and I at the Marlins Game!
The next day, we did some window shopping, hung out with his family, and went out for
Froyo @ Menchies, and I FINALLY got my "Chip" spoon.
@ Menchies
Chip is so cute!
And Monday we spent the day with my little princess Layla at Jungle Island. They had an admission special for Florida Residents and since I had never been we took advantage of it. It was sooo HOT that even the animals were hiding out. Layla sure had a blast. She fed the parrots, held a parrot and a monkey, and even went on an elephant ride. Later she discovered the Big Kahuna and is where she spent the rest of the afternoon. We upgraded our admission for an annual pass and can't wait to go back!
My Princess Layla and I on our way to Jungle Island

She's a BRAVE Little Girl
                   She made it to the top...             There she goes...                        
She wants to go up again!

If you've had the chance to get to know me or read my Football Season  post, you'd know that I'm crazy about football as much as I'm crazy about Mickey Mouse. Last Wednesday, was the NFL Kickoff game and what better way to kick off the season than with a Cowboys game. I had to work late and was so heartbroken at the thought of missing the game. Even if I left then at that very moment, it was going to take me an hour and a half to get home. I was going to miss No Doubt and Mariah Carey's performance and perhaps even kick off. Waaaahhh!
So it was either drive home and miss the beginning of everything or butter up my Honey and take over his couch, tv, and beg him to feed me too...Crashing the Honey's place won!  
My honey is the BEST! He didn't mind at all :)

The Cowboys defeated the Giants 24-17!  ::Yeeeeaaaah Buddy!::
If you have not yet watched "The Odd Life of Timothy Green" you MUST go see it.
I went to see it over the weekend with my Honey and it is the cutest movie ever.
P.S. be sure to bring a box of tissues.
That's pretty much all I've been up to, oh and most importantly,
the countdown has begun!!!
My Bestie's due date is on Saturday, September 15th.... 2 days left!!!!
I can't wait to meet Baby Ethan! Squee!!!!