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My "2008-2010" NKOTB Adventures!

I've been so busy with work and taking care of stuff in my home, that I haven't had anything exciting to blog about. So I came across a word document I had saved, and thought... Yes, I shall finish what I once had started many moons ago. This may be the longest blog entry ever...just as close to a book...but it's filled with exciting stuff!
Yes! A few tours and 2 cruises have now come and gone, and another summer is close to an end...but better late than never; Right?!

So here it is. Once upon a time, 2 decades ago...

Let's take it back to 1988-1989...

When the 5 bad brothers from the Bean Town Land entered into my life and just about every other girl my age that I knew. Donnie, Jordan, Joey, Jon, and Danny, The New Kids on the Block. "Please Don't Go Girl" played on "The Box Video Music Channel", and from that moment I was in Love...atleast that's what I thought. I remember picking up the phone and calling my best friend, Kim and telling her to put on "The Box" she did and asked, "aren't they the cutest boys you've ever seen?" That's when it all started. Kim and I would spend hours talking about the guys, and drew little hearts on our notebooks and trapper keepers. She loved Joey, and I just, well didn't know which one to pick. Just like any other fan, we all dreamed that one day we'd marry our favorite New Kid. Jordan was cute, but I thought there was something fruity about him, only cause he wore alot of eye make-up. Jon was the shy one, and since I was shy as well, it just wasn't going to work out. Donnie was the bad boy, all the girls loved him, I didn't know if I was ready to share him with anyone else. Joey well not only was he Kim's favorite, and at that age, it was not cool to like the same guy our friends he was the baby, and I wanted someone older ...and then there's Danny, although you didn't hear much from him, he didn't seem shy, he seemed very mysterious and that I loved. And then there it played on my cassette player, "Valentine Girl" and that's when Danny stole my heart. One is so clueless when you're 9. LOL!

As any other kid who's family has moved to the US from another country to better themselves, and having 2 siblings it was not easy, and for me, it was kinda hard to stack up on all NKOTB memorbilia...but I was ok with that, I didn't know any better. I remember telling my dad that I really wanted a NKOTB cassette, and him telling me broken-hearted how he couldn't get it for me right then; and I said it's ok daddy, maybe next time. I went to my room like a sad puppy, but I knew that daddy would come through as he always did. In the meantime, I would sit on the phone with Kim and listen to her copy everyday and wait for their videos to play on the box. A few weeks later, my dad came home and surprised me with my very own copy of NKOTB cassette, I was the happiest kid on the planet, and till this day I still hold that cassette. It wasn't long before I had memorized every song on that tape. One day Kim called me and told me the NK's Hangin' Tough Concert was going to air on TV, that I just couldn't miss! I didn't know about concerts at that age, and even if they did perform in our area, my parents would not have been able to afford it yet alone allow me to go. But knowing I'd have all 5 of them with me in my living room was more than enough.

Here comes the 90's...

My neighbor's granddaughter, her name was Erica who'd visit while school was out, I remember be-friending her one day, she said hello and asked if I wanted to come over and hangout. When I walked into her room...There they were, everywhere...Posters, bedding, tapes, folders, even the NKOTB dolls. I thought she was sooo cool, and couldn't wait to tell Kim about it. Mind you, Erica was 9 or 10 years older than me, but it didn't matter cause we both loved the NKOTBat that's what we would mainly talk about anyway. I remember coming home from school one day, and saw Erica's grandfather with a bunch of boxes, I approached him and asked if he was moving, he said no Dear, Erica has graduated from High School and is now going away for College so she has asked that we send her some of her things, I was crushed. My only other friend that loved the New Kids was no longer going to be there. On a Sunday morning a year later, my neighbor comes over and brings my mom a box, which she later hands to me. She says, that Erica requested that this box be given to me cause she knew that I would take good care of it. When I open the box, it was all there! I couldn't believe my eyes, and couldn't wait to put all the stuff up...Although by this time the NKOTB has slowly drifted away, I was still one of their biggest fan!

Let's Fast Forward to 2008:

It was mid-week, mid to late October, I overheard a conversation across the room. Some of the girls were talking about the NKOTB reunion and how the guys were going to be performing at St. Pete Times Forum and I thought to myself, could this be true? The boys I once fell in love with are back together again, in concert, and in my town. I now have control of my finances and knew I could totally afford it. As all these happy thoughts from my childhood came back again, I went online and researched to see if it was true. I had never been to a concert in my life, yet alone a NK's concert. How would I go about purchasing tickets, where would I find someone who likes/liked the NK's and would actually go with me. I didn't have many friends in town, and since I was too shy I didn't even get the courage to ask the girls where to start. I came across the website, and was able to get alot of info there. Later that week, I was approached and was asked if I'd liked to go see a concert that week that he had 2 extra tickets for. I said sure, and asked who was performing, when he replied, NKOTB I almost jumped up and hugged him. I acted cool about it, and said thanks, I'd love to go. As I walked away, I still could not believe it! I had two tickets to go see the NK's...I was still in shock, what do I do now? I have 2 tickets to go see the NK's but noone to go with. So I emailed my sister-in-law and she agreed to accompany me, although she was not a big NK fan back in the day. The day had finally arrived...November 2nd, 2008. I still could not believe that I was going to be at a NK's concert...after 20 years one of my childhood dreams, had finally come true. I was excited, and I was nervous, I was scared, what was I to expect?! As the day went by, 6pm could not come by fast enough, I got ready and drove to my brother's house. I kidnapped my sister-in-law, left my brother babysitting and my nieces crying. It was almost show time...Lady Gaga, & Natasha Beddingfield put on a great opening performance, and then time had finally come...SHOW TIME!

As the guys raised from the bottom of the stage, all I could remember feeling were my hands shaking, tears in my eyes, and holding on to my sis-in-law's arm. I cried, I laughed, I yelled, there they were. I looked around the venue, and it was full of screaming fans. The girls next to me cried and just as I did we lost our voices. We all sang and danced, and re-lived our childhood. ::Sighs:: They were even more beautiful now than they were before. 5 brothers from Boston are no longer kids, ladies, they are now MEN!


The guys will be continuting their tour into Spring 2009. By this time I was very familiar with the ning site...They were going to perform in Ft. Myers and Orlando... 2 shows I definately could not miss! Once tickets went up for sale, I purchased them right away. I was purchasing tix for Ft.Myers on one computer, and my sister was purchasing tix for the Orlando show on another. I was not going to miss out on seeing them again. I still had not figured out how I was going to be at 2 shows, one day after the other, but at that point, it didn't matter to me.


(Gaby and I...Ft. Myers Concert)

The day had finally come...March 12, Gabs and I drove to Ft.Myers we did nothing but talk about our childhood and the guys. As we entered Collier County I heard the NK's on the radio and I interrupted her and started singing away, she just laughed and nodded her head as if I was crazy! LOL!!! We stopped for a quick bite and went on our way. When we arrived to the Germain Arena we were excited to find our seats...We had floor seats and little did we know the guys were going to come over to the B-Stage. Gaby was a fan back when she was a kid, and although I knew I could be comfortably crazy around her, I remained on my best behavior, till she finally let it out, she sang, danced, and even screamed from the top of her lungs!!! I was shocked and asked, was that you?! She's like yup! It was downhill from there! Once the guys came over to B-Stage I couldn't believe how close to them we were, I dazed out at how beautiful Danny was up close, I still couldn't believe it! I turned over and looked at Gaby and she was having a blast! The show was finally coming to an end and although I saddened, I knew I was going to see them again the next night! I was sooo happy that Gaby had a great time and that she was there with me to experience it!

(My Sister and I.... Orlando Concert)

Back to Miami we go, I got home about 1am from Ft. Myers slept a few hours and hit the road the next morning...Next stop Tampa where I dropped my mom and nieces at my brother's house. Took a quick shower, got ready and was back on the road. An hour and a half later, I was in ORLANDO! This time I was going to experience another NK concert but this time it was w/ my little sister. She was never a huge NK fan and till this day I've tried to convert her but it's just not working. The lights went out and the fans started to scream...I could feel getting all goosebumpy with the excitement in the arena. I turned over to look at my sister and she was like you're freakin nuts! I sang and danced the night away...Although she acted all hardcore I know deep down inside she had a good time! By the time we returned back to Miami, she knew the words to "Single".

(Hangin Tough)

April 2009 comes around and this is where it all began!

I came across a thread on ning that there was going to be a Fan Meet Up in Miami...I was hesitant to confirm my attendance, since I didn't know anyone who was going to attend, but the girl who put it all together and I have been exchanging emails so often, that I felt as if I'd known her for a lifetime. You may be wondering what a "Fan Meet Up" is: it's a get together with a bunch of Fans. I arrived knowing one person and ended the night with a bunch of new friends!

(April 2010 Fan Meet Up)

(May 2009 Fan Meet Up)

May 2009
... Today Show, New York City
I'm not quite sure what got into me, all I know is that I ended up in NYC to see the guys perform on the Today Show and announce their "Full Service Tour". It was a yucky, cold, rainy day but that didn't stop the fans from showing up. I must've been asked a million times what we were standing in line for, and people could not believe it when we told them who we were there to see! The next morning, there were signs of the guys coming out to say hello...this is where I met Danny Wood. I must say, getting caught in the rain, sleeping on a rat infested street in New York city, to meet Danny Wood, it was worth it! Would I do it again?! Probably not, but you'll have to continue reading to find out whether or not I did it again!

(Danny Wood and I in NYC- May 2009)

I return to Miami, and although our Florida Shows had been cancelled, and I was not going on the NK's Cruise, I still had one event to look forward to.

Danny's Bash benefiting Susan G. Komen for the Cure @ LIV

Although, I didn't get any FaceTime, I did meet the other 2 Woods. My friends and I partied like Rockstars!

(The Girls and I at LIV)

NKOTB Road Trip... Miami to Memphis to Kansas, say what?!

Since the Florida shows were cancelled, the only other option we had to get a taste of the "Full Service Tour", was to hit the road. Since I was unable to obtain a 5* package in FL due to them selling out so quickly, next show up for sale was Memphis, TN which landed on the same day as my 29th B-bday! What better gift to myself than a 5* ticket to see the New Kids!
First stop, Memphis TN! We made it to the hotel a little after 1am. Next morning we hit the town for some sightseeing, drinks, and dancing...partied like rockstars with the stars! =o) Next morning, was concert day... oh the excitement of my first 5* experience. I was a nervous wreck, even cried like a fool when we arrived at the venue. I must say my 5* experience with the 5 guys was GREAT! Then it was SHOW TIME!

(Jesse McCartney)

(Danny and I...Memphis, TN)

(Danny and his "305" Girls in Memphis, TN)

So the show is over, and not sure how or when it was decided, but we're now heading to Wichita, KS. A 9hr drive from Memphis...I guess we didn't really think that it was now going to take us 25.5hrs to get home, huh?!

(Girls getting ready for the SHOW!)

Overall, it was one of the craziest things I have ever done...if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing! Oh, yea...can't forget the most exciting part...One of the girls and I brought a nice souveneir home...**SPEEDING TICKETS*** Bastards!

FULL SERVICE Tour is coming to an end...

After all of the traveling get my NK fix, my twitter feeds blasted out on how the last show was THE SHOW! And how we shouldn't miss it! I figured, if I had already gone to 5 other shows since their reunion in 2008, what's one more show, right?!

I didn't make it to the Dallas Show the night before, but I did watch it from the comfort of my own home...While I flat ironed my hair and packed my bags, I was Dirty Dancing. Ha! Next morning, got on the plane, and HOUSTON here I come! I couldn't believe once that night ended, it was all going to be over. After they performed I'll be Loving You, it all became so real, it was soon to be over, but not for long, of course.

(Girls in Houston)

(The Jabbawockeez)

July 2009 the summer had come and gone, and before I could even put my suitcases away... an announcement! There will be a show in Boston in December benefiting Toys for Tots. By this time, you'd think after seeing them perform half a million times, I'd be so over them ....WRONG!!!! I found myself planning my last trip of 2009, and what other place if not to BOSTON!

December it is...after weeks of planning and getting things together, we were off and before we knew it, we were exploring Boston and the many little places where the Guys grew up, went to school, and hung out. But of course, We all know, we were in Boston for one reason to see them perform one last time in 2009! Now, remember New York City, where I said I'd never sleep on the streets again...well no I didn't sleep on the street, thank god because we were hit with a snow storm, but we definately stood in line for what felt like a hundred hours, in the snow. At some point we all lost our fingers and toes. By the time it was show time, we were so exhausted of standing and trying to keep warm, we didn't know how we'd make it through the show. Although, once they got on stage, everything was all better!!! Funny how that works! What a way to end the year!
(During our tour of Fenway, we met some BH's from Canada in our group!)

(Boston- 2009)

2010...Coming Home DVD!

(I Got Mine!)

CasiNo Tour....

Another tour announced... The excitement begins all over again! Only this time we won't burn a hole in our pockets, at least we hope not! is!

CasiNo Tour 2010 has steered us to the west coast! From sightseeing, drinking, eating, pool parties, to dancing the night away! This trip was one of the best!

(The Girls in Vegas)

Hey...what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

Miami.... so they bring the show to MIA! a few after Vegas to kick off the NK 2010 Cruise. Hey I still managed to make it to the show!

(Girls in Miami)

There you have it! My Many Adventures with NKOTB from 2008-2010.

Till the next tour...

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Little More About Me...

A Little More About Me...

Name: Libby
Birthday: July 2nd
Birthplace: NJ
Current Location: Somewhere in South Florida
Status: Single
Siblings: 2 (1 brother & 1 sister)
Children: 4 nieces
Right Handed or Left Handed: Righty
The Shoes You Wore Today: Nike Shox
Your Weakness: Wouldn't You Like to Know?!
Your Fears: Needles, Frogs
Your Perfect Pizza: EXTRA CHEESE
Your Best Physical Feature: I've been told my smile
Pepsi or Coke: Coke Zero
MacDonalds or Burger King: McDs
Single or Group Dates: Single
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Lipton
Chocolate or Vanilla: Why not Strawberry?
Cappuccino or Coffee: Both
Do you Smoke: Ewww... No
Do you Swear: Not really
Do you Sing: All the time!
Do you Shower Daily: I gotta think about this one.
Have you Been in Love: Yup
Do you want to go to College: I really should go back and finish.
Favorite Movie: You've Got Mail
Favorite TV Show: Friends & Everybody Loves Raymond
Favorite Band: Mana
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Number: 14
Do you want to get Married: It's somewhere on my to-do list
Do you want to have children: Yes
Do you believe in yourself: Of course
Do you get Motion Sickness: Nope
Do you think you are Attractive: Yes
Are you a Health Freak: I can be
Do you get along with your Parents: Yes
Do you like Thunderstorms: Not really
Do you play an Instrument: I used to play the flute
In the past month have you Drank Alcohol: Yes
In the past month have you been on Drugs: DrugFree
In the past month have you gone on a Date: No
In the past month have you gone to a Mall: Yes
In the past month have you eaten a box of Oreos: No
In the past month have you eaten Sushi: Yes
In the past month have you been on Stage: Yes
In the past month have you been Dumped: No
In the past month have you gone Skinny Dipping: No
In the past month have you Stolen Anything: No
Ever been Drunk: Oh yeah!
Ever been called a Tease: Yes
Ever been Beaten up: No
Ever Shoplifted: Guilty...I was 6yrs old
How do you want to Die: In my Sleep
What do you want to be when you Grow Up: Toys R Us Kid
What country would you most like to Visit: Italy
How many piercings do you have: 2
Number of Tattoos: ZERO
Number of things in my Past I Regret: Just One

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

*The Long Goodbye*

"The Long Goodbye"

I know they say if you love somebody
You should set them free (so they say)
But it sure is hard to do
Yeah, it sure is hard to do
And I know they say if they don't come back again
Then it's meant to be (so they say)
But those words ain't pulling me through
Cos I'm still in love with you
I spend each day here waiting for a miracle
But it's just you and me going through the mill
(climbin' up a hill)

This is the long goodbye
Somebody tell me why
Two lovers in love can't make it
Just what kind of love keeps breaking a heart?
No matter how hard I try
You're gonna make me cry
Come on, baby, it's over, let's face it
All that's happening here is a long goodbye

Sometimes I ask my heart did we really
Give our love a chance (just one more chance)
and I know without a doubt
We turned it inside out
And if we walked away
would it make more sense (only self defense)
But it tears me up inside
Just to think we still could try
How long must we keep riding on this carousel
Going round and round and never getting anywhere?
(on a wing and prayer)

This is the long goodbye
Somebody tell me why
Two lovers in love can't make it
Just what kind of love keeps breaking a heart?
No matter how hard I try
You're gonna make me cry
Come on, baby, it's over, Let's face it
All that's happening here is the long goodbye

Are you ever coming back again
Are you ever coming back again
Are you ever coming back again

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Football Season

Football music to my ears!

I love anything and everything about football! Typically, one would think to be hooked to True Blood, Dexter, or one or all of those HBO shows one my bestfriends is addicted to. As for me, football is my addiction and the Cowboys I claim!

The first preseason NFL game the Dallas Cowboys against the Cincinatti Bengals was on Sunday. This wasn't just any game this was The Hall of Fame Game where Emmitt Smith was inducted into the Class of 2010 Hall of Fame. You can just imagine how excited I was. And of course, the Cowboys had to bring it home defeating the Bengals 16-7! What a way to kick start my addiction!

Although this game is more like a practice game everyone was sure to watch to see what's in store this year's season.

So bring it on!

Next game up:
Cowboys vs. Raiders
Thurs. 8/12 @ 8pm.

Stay Tuned...

Win or Lose I wear Silver and Blue

Friday, August 6, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

This past Tuesday my friends and I experienced our first ever Cyndi Lauper concert. Cyndi was promoting her new album "Memphis Blues". I didn't know any of the songs to her new album and most likely neither did anyone else in the audience, but she made sure everyone had fun. Throughout the show, you'd hear someone in the crowd requesting that she'd sing one of her oldies, and she'd reply with why this album was so important to her and how she's always wanted to sing the blues. She'd share stories about her past and before she would finish her story, she'd say, "but that doesn't really matter, does it?" or she'd change the topic to a whole different thing.

With her bright red hair, her outrageous outfit, and her witty personality, she had a voice that kept the crowd going. One second she was singing and dancing with the band and then she'd hop on to a chair in the crowd and sing and dance with her fans. She gave us a taste of her Blues and ended the show with a few of her great oldies. Although I only knew 2 of her songs and not even enough to sing along, my friends and I had a blast!

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!