Friday, March 29, 2013

The Fair...Be There!!!!

I don't know about you, but I always look forward to March every year for The County Fair to come around. I don't get on any of the rides, nor play any of the games, but I love how much fun the girls have, reminds me of when I was their age and carefree. While the kids get on the rides I pig out on all the Yummy yet sooooo Bad for you taste sooo good food. Corn on the Cob, Corn Dogs, Elephant Ears, Funnel Cakes, Candy Apples, Cotton Candy...yummm just thinking about it, makes me want to go again. No wonder I can't fit in my jeans.

This past week the Huns and I took the girls to the Fair...We were so sad that it rained for almost 3 hours, but once it cleared up the rest of the evening was nice. 
Fair Entrance Picture

Girls, getting ready to go on the Carousel 

I caught Layla looking at herself in the mirror.
Lydia and her Uncle Ron on the Speed Racer Ride
 It started pouring so we hung out indoors at the Expo center and saw some really neat stuff.

 The girls took pictures with this little lady...because they too love to hula-hoop.
 Then we saw some Koi fish
 And they hung out with at the Fire Rescue Booth

Finally it stopped raining...the girls were really happy about that.
Then we visited the petting farm, and saw all kinds of cool animals.

Layla feeding the goats. 

Lydia feeding the goats.

Then they got a pony ride
 The girls got on all the rides and some even twice, even got me and their Uncle Ron to ride on some with them, they ate anything and everything they wanted, fed the animals, even got to ride on a beautiful Clydesdale and brought home a Lighted Bubble Gun Blower that their Uncle Ron got them. They had so much fun that the second they sat in the car and buckled up, they passed out.  Can't wait till next year!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Spring Swap Goodies {REVEAL}

Everything about Spring just makes me Happy! The colors, the pretty flowers, the weather, the butterfiles, my favorite easter caramel eggs. Yummm!
To welcome in spring I joined Stormy and Katie in a Spring Swap they hosted. And this is how I met the lovely Tamara over at Two Four Five Designs. After lurking through all of Tamara's posts, I feel like I've known her forever...and her little Princess Penelope is the cutest baby ever! If you have not yet met Tamara, swing on over to her little space, say hello and tell her I sent ya! ;)

The Huns called me yesterday while at work, to tell me that I received a package in the mail and I was soo excited, 6pm couldn't come quick enough!  

Wonder what it is...

Here are my goodies!!!

1- Reusable "What A Lovely Day" bag which I LOVE and I'm already using to carry my  snacks to work.
2- A Box of blank postcards with flowers and a cute porcupine. These will definately come in handy the next few weeks!
3- 2 boxes of my favorite Caramel Eggs...(I only get to enjoy these during Easter) 
4- Essie nail polish "mint candy apple"
 Thanks again Tamara for all my spring goodies! xo

& Thank you Katie & Stormy for hosting this swap. Loved getting to know you girls too!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Story in Pandora


This week I came home from work and the Huns surprised me with a new Pandora bracelet and 3 new charms. He says my first bracelet tells the story of our relationship. And This one will tell the story of our happily ever after.

Today I will share with you my "addictions" in My Story in Pandora. Hi my name is Libby, and I'm addicted to Pandora. I purchased my first pandora bracelet about a year and a half or so, without knowing how much each charm would cost and how long it would take me to fill it up. I remember wearing it all the time even without any charms, I guess you can say I'm cheap. 

1- February 2012 is where it all began. The Huns and I had just started dating and for our first month anniversary he bought me my first charm, the Turtle. I love turtles, I think they're sooo cute! I once had a pet turtle name MichealAngelo, and he grew too big and I couldn't continue caring for him, so I donated him to a reptile store. I plan on adopting another little turtle in the future, only this time I won't let him get so big. :)
2- For our second month anniversary the Huns surprised me with the Daisy charm, because daisies are my favorite.
3- For our third- he gave me the Butterfly Charm. Not only do I love butterflies, but he says that this charm will be a reminder that he will forever give me butterflies.
4- I tell the Huns he's my big teddy bear and I love his teddy bear he gave me a Teddy Charm.
5 & 6- His Mom gave me the airplane and suitcase because she knows I love to travel. His mommy is the sweetest.
7- I love baking...and cupcake's are my specialty ;) so for my bday he gifted me a cupcake.

8 & 9- The bestie gifted me the "Friends Forever" butterfly (she has the other half) and the Daisy Clip as a Thank You for throwing her Baby Shower.
10- With Football Season just around the corner, the Huns surprised me with a touchdown pass and I got to keep the Football.
11- My Sister gifted me the Football Helmet cause I love me some Football.
12- One day I will fly around the world to visit the Eiffel tower...thought I get one to remind me to save my pennies.
13- Since I'm a Photo Maniac...the huns got me the Camera charm.
14- I am the Queen of his heart...and he gave me the crown to prove it. 
15-  My friend Amey (my Bestie's Sister) gifted me a butterfly for helping her throw her sister's shower.
16- For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I bought myself the Komen Pink Ribbon Barrel, because my Mom is a Survivor and I am a supporter in the battle to end breast cancer!
17- The Huns gave me his heart...and I promised I'd take good care of it.
18- He also gave the Flower Clip just because I love flowers.

19- To remember our first trip to NYC he gave me the Statue of Liberty.
20- Who doesn't love Presents?! I Love Presents!
21- To keep our almost first year of memories together and my charms from ever getting lost, the Huns gave me a Flower Safety Chain to keep them safe.
22- This February the Huns asked/made me his!!!! And I got the charm to prove it!
23- And while we were at it we went crazy and became Mr. & Mrs. Granda
24- Colorful butterflies...make me happy!
25- We will be very prosperous together and this money bag will represent it.
26- Did I ever tell you how much I love Mickey Mouse? My sister surprised me with this Chamilia "Mickey Charm", although it's not by Pandora I still wear it. :) 
Seriously after typing this post I just realized how SPOILED I am.
The Babes must really Love me, huh?! 
Love ya Babes!
Have you checked out Pandora's Spring/Summer Collection? The Fairy Tale Collection is Adorable too! I can't wait to own some of their new pieces.
Are you a Pandora Addict? Which is your favorite charm?

Monday, March 25, 2013

New Public Recreation Areas

The Huns and I took the girls to a park a few blocks from my parent's house that my siblings and I grew up going to. I haven't been back there since 2005 maybe 2006. I was amazed at how everything had changed. The lake, the benches, and the cute ducks were still there and they've now built in a beautiful playground for the kids, and removed the sand. Which I am thankful for, not only because of the extra sand that gets in the car and clothes, but the playareas have been filled with cigarette stubs, beer bottles, and god knows what else sicko's dig in there. One day, while my nieces played in the sand with their bucket and shovel at a different park, they found a condom wrapper... I was disgusted...sure enough I've never taken them back there again.
Here are some pictures I took of the new play areas and the girls.
 I thought this one was pretty cool
Hop one, Hop two, Hop three...
 My little Monkey
 Chasing Ducks
 The Girls had a blast monkeying around...can't you tell how much they're Uncle Ron loves them?!