Wednesday, May 15, 2013

All About Me: A-Z Challenge- Letter "C"

Here's this week's round of All About Me with the Letter C.

Country Music:
Country music is all that plays in my radio all day. I love Brad, Blake, Toby, Carrie, Jason, Keith, and Luke just to name a few.
Current Favorite: Jason Aldean's "She's Country"

When we were kids, every summer my parents would take us to this campsite in Key West and we'd put up a tent and camp out there. We'd spend the weekend fishing on the 7 mile bridge, or on the beach, bbqing. We made some great childhood memories there.

Cabbage Patch Dolls:
When I was a kid maybe 7 or 8 I always wanted a Cabbage Patch doll. One day my Mom found one at a garage sale, she was filthy had no clothes or shoes, her hair was a mess, but she bought it anyway, cause it was probably all she could afford when we were growing. She brought the doll home cleaned her up sewed her an outfit and got her ready for me to get home from school. When I got home I was the happiest kid in the world. Sadly my happiness lasted a few months, my parents had to turn the family van in since they couldn't afford it anymore, and the night they took the van, I had left my doll in there. I was heart broken. 25 years later, for a mini moon trip I took with the Hubs to Georgia we visited Babyland General Hospital a.k.a Cabbage Patch Museum and after a little while of searching, there she was...the same exact doll I had when I was kid, only she was brand new in her box. She was so beautiful. The huns bought her for me, I literally had tears in my eyes. Here she is! Isn't she the prettiest?! 

Carrot Cake:
Need I say more? Yumm...what I'd do to have piece of carrot cake.

I'm not much of a candy eater, but when I do crave it these are my favorites.
- Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
- Cadbury's Caramel Egg (So sad I can only have these during Easter.)
-York Peppermint Patty
-Hershey's Candy Cane Kisses (I usually have an overload on these since they're only available during xmas time)
- Nerds

Check back in next week as the challenge continues and get to know more
All About Me with the "Letter D".

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

All About Me: A-Z Challenge- Letter "B"

Last week I took the All About Me: A-Z Challenge where for the next 25 weeks,
I'll tell you all a little about me from A to Z.
This week you will learn All About Me with the "Letter B"

Bake Shop:
 One of my biggest dreams, wish, goals, is to own a cute little pink and white bake shop where I can spend my days baking cute little cupcakes, cookies, and cakes.
One Day, I will have my own little shop!
I love love love baking. After going through a million pictures to find some of the stuff I've baked, so sad to only have found these 4. I'm sure I can beg my friends for pictures of the other goodies I've made.
I love anything and everything butterflies. In my many trips to Cozumel I got to visit the KeyWest Butterfly Conservatory and the Cozumel Butterfly Sanctuary Tour. Walking through their exotic gardens while the prettiest butterflies are freely flying around you makes you appreciate nature a little more. 
I have yet to visit Butterfly World in Boca Raton, FL maybe one soon I'll get to see their beauties! ::hint hint::
Bucket Lists:
I think everyone should have atleast one, okay maybe two or three. I make lists for everything, and still like to write them down on paper as to where the Huns asks why do I have a notes app on my phone for. I have personal bucket lists, travel bucket lists, and am almost done with the Girl's summer bucket list.
If you have time visit My Someday List and see what I've checked off so far.
Now that we've talked about buckets...let's talk about the beach.
Who doesn't love those nice hot sunny summer days, your feet in the sand, the waves breaking at your toes, a drink in your hand, and taking in the smell of the ocean.
Just typing this makes me want to be there.
 Ever been to Disney World and as you walk in/out of the park there's this guy holding a gazillion balloons?
Just makes you want to take them all and fly away in the sky like in the movie UP. 
How many balloons do you think he's holding?
How many do you think actually sell daily at the Disney parks?
I've yet to purchase one, yea, I know, the Mickey freak has not yet purchased a Mickey Balloon, but I just don't see myself spending $10 bucks for a balloon.
If I ever win the lottery, which will never happen as I don't play, but if I did I WOULD buy all those balloons, take a picture with them and then give them away.
There you have it.... All About Me with the Letter B.

Check back in next week as the challenge continues and get to know more
All About Me with the "Letter C".


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

All About Me: A-Z Challenge- Letter "A"

A few weeks ago I helped my niece with a homework assignment where weekly she had to draw things she likes to do, eat, play, etc. with the letter that they're learning that week.
I thought it was a pretty cool assignment and have decided to give it a twist and take a 26 week challenge where I share with you all a little bit of myself from A to Z.


I'm an auntie to 4 beautiful little girls!
L to R
Sabrina (8), Layla (4), Lydia (6), Samantha (11)
These little girls have taught me to really appreciate the little things in life, like riding the swing at the park or picking up tiny wild flowers. I love their expressions, creativity, the stuff they learn at school, and "the what do you mean you didn't think I knew about those things" comments. I'll never forget one day I was out with my Mom and Lydia and we were at a stop light and all of a sudden she starting singing Alicia Keys, "Girl on Fire". I'm like excuse me, where did you learn that? She replied, my friend Rhianna at school. *SMH*
Is my favorite Season. Something about the pretty colored leaves, is so breathtaking. I sometimes wish I lived in a state where I can enjoy the 4 seasons. I visited Virginia 2 years ago and remember driving through a road with tons of trees and pictured how beautiful it must look in the fall. Definately planning a trip back during autumn so I can experience it. How could anyone not want to live in a place that looks like this?
I've been in 1 car accident in my entire life.
I'll never forget the day. It was October 31st, 2003.
My brother and I would always fight because he would always take my car whenever he would go out because either he was running late or was too lazy to pump gas. That night he sneaked out and took my car to meet up with his friends. Later that evening I needed to pick up something from the pharmacy and went in my brother's car. All I did was leave the house and drive down the block and BAM I ran the car into a 1980 Mambo Jambo Ford Bronco and smashed the front of my brother's car in, like when you crush a coke can.  Well I hit the Bronco and the Bronco hit the car in front of him, and that car hit the car in front of it. Of course, I got the ticket, to make matters worse my brother's insurance had just expired on the 30th, and since we live in the same household my insurance wouldn't cover the accident...they suspended my license for a year, I had to use public transportation to get to places, and it took me 5 years exactly to pay that accident off. GREAT STUFF! 
Alchoholic Beverage:
My favorite is: Chocolate Martinis
Strange cause I don't really like chocolate. But after having one of these babies a decade ago I fell in love! Everyone should definately try one of these in their lifetime. And if you want to get crazy, go ahead an order a White Chocolate Martini you won't regret it!
My top 5 most used Apps on my iphone are?
Messages, Mail, Instagram, Words with Friends, and Shazam
 And that the All About Me post with the "Letter A"
Check back in next week as the challenge continues and get to know more All About Me with the "Letter B".