Friday, August 31, 2012


Need I say more?!
My beautiful friend Danielle is out celebrating  her 2 year anniversary with her Honey in the beautiful Bahamas. I'm sooo jealous! So while she's away enjoying the sun, clear blue waters, snorkeling, and laying under the palm trees in a hammock with a drink in each hand, I thought it'd be fun to CRASH her space and melt some crayons away...C'mon on over and watch how messy it gets in HERE
After the longest week at work ever plus a week of celebrating with my honey 6 months of our goofiness and love together, and a long weekend ahead of us, I can only say, BRING out the Margaritas & KEEP them coming!
 Wishing your weekend is FULL of sunshine and lots of drinks!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

My HoneyBee

Before I begin my mushy post, can someone PLEASE tell/show me how to add the reply link on my comments. So many of you leave comments and I'm unable to reply to them. :(  
Thank you all in advance with a millions hugs!
 Now on to my mushy post...
So a while back I promised that after my Pops met my Honeybee I'd introduce him to you all.
My honey's name is Ronald, but since my Boss's name is Ronald, don't get me wrong my boss is the coolest, but calling my honey Ronald is a bit creepy;   therefore I introduce him to everyone as Ron,  but Baby, Babe, Honey, and Honeybee works for JUST me.We met at Starbucks on February 24th, I admit I was a nervous wreck, thankfully he wasn't HE talked about everything and anything, even things that would freak anyone out and I just listened. It was the longest coffee date I've ever been on...I think I got back to the house pretty close to 2am and even then I don't think either of us was ready for the night to end. On February 29th he woke up feeling LUCKY and on this day, he asked me to be HIS! Yesterday was our 6 month anniversary still feels like it was just yesterday! Yes, I celebrate each month we're together but only for the first year then it'll be a yearly thing...Yup I'm corny I know, but I don't care, my honey loves me just the way I am, in fact he even plays along. Sure we have our ups and downs, but along the way I've learned that if we are open with each other and communicate our troubles, anything and everything can be worked out.
He truly is an AMAZING person, and I'm so happy to have him in my life. He's very understanding, extremely patient, thank godness, he makes me laugh even when I don't want to, and even when I get upset he doesn't let go until I'm smiling again, and he spoils me way too much, is there such a thing as too much?! Most importantly, he is crazy about my little princesses which is a BIG plus in my book.
I remember once saying "the man who wins my nieces over, is totally a KEEPER!" I've never brought any guy around my nieces, the past 5 years it's only been me and them, so I was a bit concerned on how they'd take it now that they'd have to share me with him. Not sure when or how, he managed to win them over, those 2 are crazy about him just as much as I am.
Why I call him my HoneyBee?
Have you heard Blake Shelton's song "HoneyBee"?
Well one, I love me some Blake Shelton, and two that song is 100% us.

I could sit here and type a list of reasons why I love this guy, but I'd have to say that one of my favorites is that no matter how crazy, boring, exciting, spontaneous, girly any of the plans I make may be, he's always ready to go with a smile on his face!
They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so what do 34 pictures say?!

I Love You my Honeybee!

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The Life of an “Ordinary” Housewife

Monday, August 27, 2012

Phone Photo Fun Mondays

Here's another round of what's on my phone this week with Savanah & Ashlee:
 I'm a Menchie's Frozen Yogurt addict and was so excited to see they have the "Chip" puppy spoon, now. I had planned to get one over the weekend,
but thanks to TS-Isaac I wasn't able to. :(

Preparing for TS-Isaac this weekend, I found that my Dallas Cowboys Gnome's shoe, hat, and butt was broken. Made me so sad!!! (waaah)
 My little Strawberry Shortcake
My glasses make me look smart!
 I stopped at a light behind this van on my way home and totally made me smile. You see Shifta is the son of a realtor that I used to work with; Shifta was just in Highschool when he started, and would always come by and give me his new music, so proud to see how far he's come. :)
 My little princess has Bieber Fever

New make-up compliments of Meredith from my Beauty Box Swap. :)
That's all Folks!
Please !!!Please!!! Don't forget to sign up for our SWAP if you haven't already!
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Friday, August 24, 2012

Beauty Box Swap {REVEAL} & "I Made It For You SWAP"

TGIF My beautiful Friends! I have looked forward to this day since Monday. I think we all have!

I've been looking forward to spending the day with my nieces and my honey and his family at a small water park and enjoying some of FL's sun this weekend.

Unfortunately we may have to postpone that, you see I live in Homestead a little town near the entrance of the Florida Keys. As exciting as that sounds to a few that don't live there, any little tropical storm or hurricane that gets lost out there, we get affected with all the rain and winds. I bet it doesn't sound exciting anymore, huh?! So most likely I will spend my Saturday morning helping my Mom put up hurricane shutters, if we don't and our home gets damaged then the insurance companies won't pay us. Lots of fun, huh?!!

Hope those who may be affected or hit by this storm are taking the proper precautions to prepare early and stay safe!

On to happy thoughts! I participated in the Beauty Box Swap that Tiffany and her friends hosted.
This was a fun swap...turns out that we were not each other's swap buddies, so I got to make 2 new friends. I was assigned to Meredith and Laura was assigned to me. It was great getting to know them both.
So here are the goodies that I got in my swap. 

  I love love love the eyeshadow. The gold is so shimmery, the peach is glittery and best of all it lasts all day.
The mascara is my absolute favorite...exactly the one I use daily.
Love the lipgloss smells and tastes yummy. Not that I've eaten it or anything. :)

I'm crazy about my crackle polish! One of my bestfriends, always used crackle polish and I never dared to try it...and this one is GREAT! Can't wait to try it with a red polish.
Thanks again Meredith for all my goodies!
If you have not yet signed up for the "I Made it For You" SwapDanielle and I think you SHOULD!
Click HERE for details!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lydia's First Day of Kindergarten

The past few weeks we've been preparing for my niece Lydia's first day of Kindergarten. Although she attended a VPK program last year, it wasn't as nerve wrecking because it was held at the same daycare that she's been attending since she was 2. I guess my nerves had something to do with the fact, that she would be attending a different school and that made it scary for me. Not sure why, since both my siblings and I attended this Elementary School, and we turned out fine. I get that one day they will grow up and become independent but I guess once they come into our lives the worrying never stops and I'm not even the Mommy, although sometimes I might as well be.
As we prepared, we kind of pumped her up with all the new school supplies, new bookbags, uniforms, how she was going to be in a classroom that would have a desk just for her with her name on it, how she would make new friends, and how now she was going to have lunch in a cafeteria and that I'd give her money everyday so she can buy a cookie at lunch. Well all of that got her excited for about 20 mins, then she would say,"I don't want to go to big girl school, I want to stay at my little school with my old teacher and my old friends". It just broke my heart.
First day of school, we wake her up and get her dressed, have breakfast with her, I kept my promise and gave her money for her cookie, but she still wasn't excited. I told her that if she was to be scared, to close her eyes and ask God to take her care of her and not let her be scared anymore, and that he would.
Unfortunately, I work 40 miles away and couldn't take her to first day of school, (waaaahhhhh) but my sister says that Lydia was a little nervous, but once she got to her desk it was exactly how I told her it would  be and she didn't give any trouble about staying.
As the day went by, I could barely wait to get home to hear all about her first day. She said she likes her new teacher and her new friends, she told me that they learned about the letter A, had pizza, an apple, and milk for lunch, but didn't like the little green balls (peas) ha! and that she got homework, which she took upon herself to complete without anyone's help and when we told her it was done incorrectly, her response was, "I wanted mine to be different". Kids! so thank god for Photoshop, my sister was able to make a clean copy of her assignment so she can complete it correctly. Once her homework was done, she handed me a whole new list of supplies she needed along with the teacher's new wishlist...say what?! So I did as any other Auntie would do and took her shopping, $65 later, she was ready to conquer Kindergarten.
Here are some pictures of her first day!

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Let's Swap... "I Made it For You"

Alright...majority vote says {drum roll please} you want to do a craft swap. You wan't to swap something homemade. I had a good number of forms filled out and everyone seemed to be interested in a homemade craft swap.

I'm co- hosting with Danielle over at the life of an "ordinary" housewife and we are very excited to be doing this!

I am so excited. I think this will generate more excitement than another link-up. So, if you are interested, please fill out the form below and spread the word. All I ask is that you share a button, tweet, share on facebook, blog about it, something.

So here it is...

- Sign up will run Monday,
August 20th
until Friday, August 31st.

- On Tuesday, September 4th you will receive an email with the name of your swap partner along with their address and possible craft ideas
-You will have three weeks to complete your homemade craft and get it mailed out. Email myself {} or Libby {, } by Friday, September 21st with a picture of you addressed and post marked package. {you don't have to show what's inside, we just want to make sure everyone gets something}

-The reveal
swaps and link up will happen on Monday, October 8th.
- You will send a HANDMADE item to your partner of no greater value than $25.00.

- If you sign up, you must send a craft as
well as receive it - we need mutual participation here folks!

- Please, please, please try and stick to the timeline as close as possible-
we understand emergency situations and will accomodate, but please be mindful of your partner. ALSO--me mindful of time. Don't pick a crafty thing that is going to take you three months to finish. Remember, you only have three weeks to have your project finished and mailed.
-Be creative! Please don't go out and buy something. That's the whole point of this give someone something unique that no one else will have. Challenge yourself, but again, don't over challenge to the point you won't be able to get it done!

- On Monday, October 8th, we will have a show and tell link up! You will be able to show off your new crafty gift! 
- Craft away! Remember, this is meant to be fun! Don't stress. Communicate with your partner, get to know them through their blog, email, tweet, text back and forth! 
Phew...I think that's all. Sorry if it seems a little overwhelming

 I have set up a new email account for the blog...please email me at theordinarywifeblog {at} gmail {dot} com if you have ANY questions.

Please fill out the form below to participate. I'm not ruling out the option to make this international, but I would need two people from the same country to pair together. {ex. two crafties from Canada to swap or two crafties from Germany, ect}

The Life of an “Ordinary” Housewife

Friday, August 10, 2012

Hello..You Still There? Anyone? Yoohoo!

This may be the longest post ever!
May cause boredom, yawning, and even make your forehead meet your keyboard.
 If you're still reading this after reading the warning label, I warned ya!  Just sayin'

When I said I was going to be MIA for a few days, I was refering to the week prior to the babyshower, and it turns out that I'm busier this week than I was the week before. How is that even possible?!

Let's see a quick recap on last week.

Ummm the famous Donkey Show I won tickets for that I was afraid of going to, yea turned out exactly as I imagined. It was a Disco type, Studio 54 meets Shakespeare kinda party/show. Ever read or see the play MidSummer Night's Dream? Picture that Disco style. All I can say is that it was somewhat INTERESTING. But not the exciting and fun interesting, more like the scary and creepy kind of interesting. Well that was my opinion, the crowd, my hunny, and my friend and her fiance who I dragged along with us, thought it was a cool show. I guess, if you're into that kind of stuff.
Some of the crowd dressed up in 70's gear, I wish I would've known, I would've loved to have dressed up too, ok maybe not. 

What's next? Oh yea, I don't know if I've ever mentioned in any of my previous posts, I don't recall how I came about it, but I've been to a few ok alot of movie pre-screenings since the beginning of the year. How it works? You get a pre-screening pass, you stand in line before the show as it's first come first serve basis, you get to watch an unreleased movie before everyone else, then you go tell your friends how awesome the movie was so they go watch it...the best part for YOU is that it's FREE!!! I'll tell you how to get those passes at the end of this paragraph.  Anywho, so Thursday night I went to watch "Total Recall" with my honey, sadly I never watched the first original version, but I must say this version ROCKED! I say you all save your pennies and go watch it!

To get free pre-screening passes, you can go to GofoboAdvanceScreenings , WildAboutMovies some of them on gofobo will require a rsvp code, your local newspapers, some radio stations, give out the rsvp codes and you can enter them there. Other movies may have open screenings and those are the ones you want. The ones you can print right away.  There you have it, a free date during the week compliments of me. :)

Then Friday, we went over my Besties to finalize all the shower favors and goodies. And then I decorated her belly with all the leftover stickers. Isn't her belly the cutest?!

Saturday, I spent the day with my honey, my nieces, and my Mom. We ran some errands, took the girls for pony rides, had lunch, grew some sponge animals, and even made some Art. (Stay tuned for the "ART" post.)

Sunday was the babyshower...Everything was so nicely set up and beautiful. Decor was beautiful, food was DELICIOUS, and Baby Ethan received everything and much more for his arrival. Now we're just counting down the days.  35 days to go! Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures since Auntie to Be, Amey and I were playing hostess. I only got this one picture. 
I promise once the photographer sends us the photos to share them with you.

And that folks, was my weekend. Now as for this week. I spent Sunday-Tuesday house/doggysitting. Wednesday the huns cooked some yummy pasta and then we went and hungout at Bayside Marketplace, where I got this ring and the cutest new Mickey phone case.

Isn't Mickey the cutest?

Now I have 2!  :)

Lastnight, we went to see Ruby Sparks (another pre-screening)  This is the movie where the guy is a writer and the girl he writes about comes to life..The movie was really cute!

This weekend, I have a date with my overdue cluttered room, drawers, and closet. Bleh!
It's time for some spring/summer and soon to be fall cleaning. How exciting, right?!...
I just want to cry! But it's gotta be done.

There you have it folks, my weekend, week recap and this weekend recap.
Hope yours is full of sunshine, margaritas, and fun!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

So many choices...

One night last week I came home from work exhausted and my nieces were beyond hyper. So I made a deal, ok I admit, I bribed them and told them that if they went and showered then went to bed without a fuss and kept quiet, I'd take them to Walmart and buy them this La Dee Da doll and Bratz doll they've both been talking about for weeks.

So the bribe worked like a charm, they showered, put their pj's on, went to bed, no fighting about what they were watching on tv, it was GREAT!!! So as I laid in my bed peacefully I thought, let me google what these dolls look like and what they cost. $20 for a barbie doll! Are you serious? Whatever happened to those $3.97 barbie dolls when I was growing up. Gosh I miss those days when I would take them to the dollar store and they'd pick 1 item each and they were the happiest kids on earth. They could've atleast jumped from a buck to 5 bucks. Ya know?

So here are pictures I took from our doll shopping date:

Can't you tell how excited they are?

We made it to Walmart

So many choices...Notice Layla's hands on her hips like saying hurry up Lydia I want to get my doll.

Still undecided, which one will she choose?

15 minutes later...She changed her mind and chose Tinkerbell and her Fairy Friend.

Layla knew exactly what she wanted.

La Dee Da Sweet Party Doll, "Dee as Dots of Style" is coming home with us!

Still think $45 and some change for 2 dolls and a mini doll set is way too much money, but if my little princess are happy, then Auntie Libby is happy.

The End!