Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Football Season

Football Season...ahhhh....like music to my ears!

I love anything and everything about football! Typically, one would think to be hooked to True Blood, Dexter, or one or all of those HBO shows one my bestfriends is addicted to. As for me, football is my addiction and the Cowboys I claim!

The first preseason NFL game the Dallas Cowboys against the Cincinatti Bengals was on Sunday. This wasn't just any game this was The Hall of Fame Game where Emmitt Smith was inducted into the Class of 2010 Hall of Fame. You can just imagine how excited I was. And of course, the Cowboys had to bring it home defeating the Bengals 16-7! What a way to kick start my addiction!

Although this game is more like a practice game everyone was sure to watch to see what's in store this year's season.

So bring it on!

Next game up:
Cowboys vs. Raiders
Thurs. 8/12 @ 8pm.

Stay Tuned...

Win or Lose I wear Silver and Blue

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