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My SomeDay List is just like a Bucket List...only that when I see the word bucket list I think of the movie and I'm not yet dying, so I call it my Some Day list. I've had this list for over a year now, a fellow blogger posted hers, and suggested I do the same. 

Here's mine... :)

2- Visit a new city
(VA Beach, April 2012)

(NYC, December 2012)

(Dahlonega, GA February 2013)

3- Take up a new hobby
4- Make a painting (01-16-13)
7- Be in 2 states at once
8- Plant daisies (Purchased the supplies)
9-Swim with the Dolphins
10-Experience the 4 Seasons
1-Spring in DC 2012 (Totally loved the Cherry Blossoms)
2- Summer  in NYC 2015

3- Autumn

4- Winter in NYC 2012

11- Take a dance class
(Currently taking belly dance classes)
12-Fall in love again  (February 2012)

13-Get certified- something new (June 2012)

14-Learn line dancing
18- Become a notary (06/16/2011)
19- Go to a movie alone.
20- Visit and watch a game at the Cowboys Stadium

21- Attend a play
06/02/12- Alice in Wonderland
07/28/12- Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

24- Forgive someone I haven't.
25- Do something I say I'd never do. (2 things in one week :))
26- Visit Paris
28- Clean out closet/drawers
Almost done, well since I'm moving thought I'd take the opportunity and do some spring cleaning  :) - January 2013
29- Go ice-skating
32- Kiss in the rain
 33- Tour Central Park
34- Make someone really smile :) (My Honey :) February 2012)
35- Attend an event alone and mingle. (Memorial in VA, April 2012)
36- Build a snowman
40- Get my CDL License
41- Move
(ETA Soon in 2013)
42- See a Broadway Show
December 2012- The Rockettes

43- Be Debt FREE
44- RUN a 5K
45- Go to Disneyland
46- Ride in a Helicopter

47- Sleep under the stars
48-Go to the Grand Canyon
49-Learn to knit
50- Get married 02/01/13
51- Start a family
52- See a ballet
53- Organize & Host a Family Reunion
54- Own the perfect little black dress
55- Pick strawberries
56- Attend a Sporting Event
(Marlins vs Mets-August 31st, 2012)

57- Start a home-based business
Started: September 14th.
First Customer: September 19th

58- Attend a rodeo
59- Buy a new car
ETA February 2014

60- Live Healthy!!!
First Month: -16 pounds

61- Go to Albuquerque's International Balloon Fiesta 

Be sure to stop by frequently to see what I've crossed off and/or added. :)

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