Friday, March 30, 2012

The Merry Go Round...

When I think back to when I was kid, I'd say my favorite ride was the Bumper Cars...I remember I could get on that ride over and over and never be tired of it. As a child I don't really recall ever choosing to ride the merry go round, I may have thought I was too cool at some point. Today, the Merry Go Round or as my niece's call it, the horsey ride, happens to be one of their favorite rides. There's a merry go round at our local mall, I remember the girls once telling me they wanted me to take them to the mall. I thought it was kind of awkward for a 3 year old to request to go to the mall, and when we got there I understood why.

A friend of mine had a little gathering at Crandon Park about a month or so, and 2 years prior they hosted another gathering there as well... near the playground area there's a merry go round. The first time we went I didn't have any cash on me, but I was prepared this time around...even my bestfriend and I joined them and went for a ride.

I Guess We'll Always Be Kids at Heart!

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