Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thursday Thoughts...

I'd like to think that my coffee addiction is mental, and that I CAN survive without it...but going from 3-4 cups of coffee a day to 1-2 and sometimes even none has me in the crankiest moods.

I sometimes wonder where and how people come up with these crazy me crazy, but I'd like to meet the person who tested and came up with, that pineapple juice is actually good for you. *SMH*

I've had one the craziest weeks at work in a long time, leaving work after 6, driving in traffic for an hour and a half back home with enough energy to just crawl into bed. I'm so looking forward to this weekend, I don't have class this Saturday, so that means I get to sleep in and catch up on my zzzzzzzzz's. Can you hear me snoring yet?

I'm obsessed with lists...I think I have a list for everything and anything, and review them daily. My life would just not be organized without them. I've recently started typing my 32 by 32 list...and can't wait to get started.

I want to go to see Madonna in November sooo sooo bad...her tickets go on sale tomorrow and have no one to go with. :(  So, I texted my sister and asked her to please come with me, her response, "I'd rather go see Disney's Toy Story." #FAIL

I've always wanted to learn to play the piano...last night while having drinks and dinner with my friend and her honey, he mentioned that he plays the guitar in a band, and that at the shop he works at I can take lessons for $22...I think I shall sleep less and squeeze in some time and take some lessons.

I've been working on a game plan to de-clutter my closet and drawers for months now, perhaps if time permits, I shall use my one free Saturday to do so.

I can't believe that in exactly 4 months I will be 32. I remember as a little girl counting the days to turn 15, then 18, then 21, now at 31 feels like the years are flying by. Please make it STOP!!!!

That's all for now folks!


  1. RIGHT?! I love lists too! So fantastic.

    If you love decluttering an organizing, check out Jen has some amaaaaazing reorganizing projects up there and it's addicting!

    <3 Thanks for linking up!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Sar. I will definately check out Jen's blog. Thanks for sharing. :)