Monday, May 21, 2012

Phone Photo Fun Mondays

Savanah & Ashlee

I'm linking up with Savanah & Ashlee for "Phone Photo Fun Mondays"

Here's what's on my phone:

This is a bouquet of butterflies my nieces surprised me with,
just because they know I love butterflies and I'm their favorite Auntie. :P 

 This is my niece Layla...
She says she's Super Kitty

This is my niece Lydia...
My Minnie Princess

Little terror driving the grocery cart.
Vroom Vroom...Beep Beep

Pop Quiz Saturday Morning... Ugh! 

& I've Saved the Best For Last...
Pretty Roses from my Honey! :)

Thanks for the link up Savanah & Ashlee...till next week!

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