Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Falling into Fall Swap {REVEAL}

I love everything about FALL...although living in South Florida you don't really get to enjoy the seasons, I do however live vicariously through all those who do get to enjoy the cooler weather and the fall colored leaves.

This is the 2nd year I participate in the "Falling into Fall Swap" and this year I met Jessica over at Adventures in Ginger Mommyhood

After spending a few days stalking her blog I learned that she likes a lot of similar things that I do which made shopping for her a piece of cake.  Be sure to head on over to her little spot and say hello and get to know her and her little prince Clay :)

Adventures in Ginger Mommyhood

 Jessica totally spoiled me... Check out all my
Fall Goodies

 (1) Navy Blue Scarf

(2) Glade "Cashmere Wood" Candle

 (3) Sleepy Time Tea

(4) Essie Nail Polish

(5) Yarn Garland made by Jessica
Jessica made me this garland and it looks great with my new Chubby Mickey & Minnie from the Hubs. :)

(6) Journal

(7) Caramel Chocolate
(8) Reusable totebag
 I totally loved all my goodies! I own many scarfs but not one in navy blue... I can't wait till it cools down a little so I can wear it. I'm no longer a coffee drinker but I do love drinking teas...the Hubs and I enjoyed a cup of the "Sleepytime" tea and have now added it to our tea list. Simply delicious! Essie Mochacino nail polish, I'm totally showing my fresh mani off, the color is Perfect! I have yet to try the chocolate, caramel bar, I'm not a huge fan of chocolate, but will have a piece from time to time...saving it for a craving day. The garland is super cute very creative and I think it looks great above my Chubby Mickey & Minnie from the Hubs...and the candle is the perfect touch to make my house smell yummy.
Thanks again for all my fall goodies Jessica...It was fun getting to know you.
Can't wait till next year!


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