Saturday, February 1, 2014

One Year of Marriage Bliss

As I sit here and prepare this post, I think back to when I was a little girl and try to remember if I ever dreamed of getting married or if I ever played with my dolls and married them. Sadly, I don't think I ever have. I do however, recall running outside, playing football with the guys, jumping fences, rolling in the mud, climbing trees, catching bugs, and getting my knees scraped. Ha, I was such a boy.

I believe I was 21 or 22 when I first pictured myself getting married and subscribing to wedding magazines, websites and clipping out pictures of things that I just had to have on my wedding day. Of course nothing I imagined back then really became a reality today, in fact this time around I didn't subscribe to any magazines, or websites, or clip out any pictures, or jotted down any ideas. Sometimes things unplanned work out better than those planned.

On this day, one year ago at approximately 1:30pm I married the man I had always wished for, the one that makes me smile, laugh till my tummy hurts, loves me unconditionally, and spoils me rotten. He is my best friend, my confident, my companion, my lover, and my partner in crime. Everyone says that the first year of marriage is the hardest, yet I'm still waiting for the worst to come. If in this first year we've had more than 2 or 3 disagreements I'd say it was too much.

My Mom and I have a really great relationship, we can talk about anything and everything. When I lived at home we'd stay up talking till the wee hours of the night, even today that I'm married we speak everyday like if we haven't spoken in ages and on my weekend visits we're still up chatting away. Of all the conversations I've had with my Mom I will never forget the one I had a few nights before I got married. She said; "Remember "There's never a war without a Challenger". What she meant by that is, if he argues, yells, fusses, etc you stay quiet and let him calm down. If you argue, yell, and fuss, he shall stay quiet and let you calm down. When either of you have calmed down ONLY at that time you shall speak and work out your problems."  I must say, we've both have followed this advice, and it works like a charm.

So today, I'd like to share with you all a few of the many memories we shared in our
First Year of Marriage.
I can't wait to look back 10 years from now and see how many more memories we've made!

As for our Anniversary Celebrations...
We decided to spend the weekend at my favorite place in the world, Disney World :)  (Yes I'm super spoiled) The night before we left, we decided we'd exchange gifts. The hubby's Mom gave me a copy of a list with me of wedding anniversary themed gifts by year that she received the day she got married. The Hubs and I decided that it would be fun to follow this list till  after we're old and wrinkly.
On the list for the theme for your first year is "PAPER"
I spent weeks researching and planning on what I can give him that's made of paper. I thought of a personalized newspaper article to have delivered on our anniversary morning, but it requires to submit your order like 60 days in advance, so I had to scratch that idea, and a million other thoughts came to mind but there was either not enough time to complete it, or it just seemed almost impossible. After weeks of planning I decided that I'd make him a scrapbook of our story out of construction paper. As I went through all the pictures and events we've attended, and movies we've watched, little notes of special moments we've shared the book was almost 30 pages. On the last page I created a formula of what our first year of marriage was worth based on our date of birth, our first email, first date, kiss, proposal, marriage, etc and totaled it up and then divided it up by 2 (because after you're married what belongs to him, is half mine) and whatever that total turned out to be, I gave it to him in a gift card that said "You Complete Me".  Trust me when I say he loooooovvvveeeed it!

My Paper Gift from the Hubs was the sweetest thing I've ever received. So he printed out from google maps the locations of where we met, where we married, and where we live today and pinned them to this frame. The best part is that as you may know, I'm obsessed with Mickey, and finding all the hidden Mickeys in Disney. On my card he wrote; "enjoy finding all the hidden Mickeys". I was confused at first because as you may see there are no Mickey's in this frame. The hidden Mickeys are on the back side of these printed pictures. The paper he used was a scrapbook page of hundreds of tiny Mickeys.
I think he earned his A+. That's not all he spoiled me with, I got a Pandora Locket and Earring Set and a new MKors bag. I'm SPOILED ROTTEN, I know.
  On our way to Orlando, he took me to breakfast at a little cafe in Deerfield Beach, where we enjoyed the most beautiful view of the ocean.
 See what I mean? The weather was nice and you could hear the waves crashing... it was perfect. When we arrived in Orlando we did some shopping at the Outlet Malls. 
The next day we spent the day at Epcot and had a nice romantic dinner at
Landry's Seafood House  
Our table was off to a corner with low lighting and candles it was a perfect setting. The food there was yummy and the dessert was delicious. After dinner we hit Downtown Disney and enjoyed some of the live entertainment. Later we went on the Character in Flight Air Balloon and enjoy the views of Orlando from 400 feet in the air. We did this on our mini honeymoon trip during the day time and always said I wanted to go back and do it at night. The view at night is spectacular, everyone must definitely do this once.
Here's our souvenir picture :) 

Later we planned to go to Magic Kingdom for the firework show, but it started raining so we called it a night. The next day we did the Character Breakfast at Cape May Cafe, this is one of my favorite Disney Dining Restaurants, the breakfast buffet is filled with all sorts of yummy stuff, from fruits to Mickey Waffles, to fresh salmon and a variety of pastries. While you're dining Goofy, Donald, and Minnie come by your table to greet and take pictures. 
Here's our picture with Goofy.

I'm definitely looking forward to celebrating year 2 of our marriage.

Next Year's Theme is: "Cotton"  can't wait to see what we both come up with.