Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hurricane Irene

For the past few days everyone has been tracking hurricane Irene. Although South Florida will not be affected by Irene, my thoughts and prayers are with those who will be affected by it.

19 years ago today, (August 24th) South Florida was hit by Hurricane Andrew. Andrew was a category 5 hurricane destroying over 25,000 homes and damaging over 101,000 homes, and caused approximately 50 deaths.

I lived in Homestead when Andrew hit. My family and I left our home heading to "Nowhere" in the north part of Florida after the final evacuation notice was given. They had labeled us a destruction zone. But I did have family who lived thru it all and say it was the most fearful, heartbreaking experience ever. In fact, every other little hurricane that has formed whether or not we have been asked to evacuate, they have been the first to go.  After Andrew, we returned back to Homestead, to find that half of our home was destroyed. There was so much damage and debris that you couldn't get around anywhere. It was truly devastating coming home and finding what you have worked so hard to have has now turned into nothing.

Although Hurricane Irene is not as big of a storm as Andrew, be sure to be prepared.
Hurricane Andrew Aug. 24th, 1992

Hurricane Andrew Aftermath

Hurricane Irene Aug. 24th, 2011

For those who are closely tracking Irene, please be prepared, stock up now, don't wait for the last minute, if they ask you to evacuate, please  do so. 

 Need help planning for a hurricane? Click this link for some tips! Preparing for a Hurricane

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