Thursday, August 11, 2011



 Last month 3 of my bestfriends and I spent the weekend in Orlando. Purpose of our little getaway? To unwind, drink, eat, talk, sleep, catch up, you know what every girl does when they're with their friends, atleast that's what we made everyone else believe. The real reason was to see the NKOTB perform. Yeah I know what you're thinking, again?! But this wasn't going to be like any of their other shows, this time around BSB would be joining them. Squeeeee!!!! I bet Emily is nodding her head saying, you didn't even know who the BSB were. Yup, so true but I know who they are now!

Pre-show we got to say hello to Danny :) We saw Jon and Jordan passed by us, I'm sure we were all dying to squee but we kept our cool. As we patiently waited for the show begin, we spotted Kirstie Alley in the section to the left of us, I must say, she looked GREAT! Also, spotted was Joey Fatone in the rows behind ours...Rumors were there was going to be surprises, could it be that NSYC would be here too?!  It was finally Show Time!!! As the 9 guys came onto stage, you could see nothing but camera flash, and hear screaming fans! It totally felt like the first time, tears in my eyes and all. We danced and sang along. My favorite part of the show was when Danny sang Valentine girl, oh and then there was the time he showed us some skin too... And when the BSB brought up a fan and serenaded them, Howie serenaded his Mom, which was soooo cute!!!! Oh wait, can't forget our SURPRISE...BoyzIIMen! Yes, you read correctly, BoyzIIMen performed Motown Philly, End of the Road, I'll Make Love to You... I've been to more than a handful of NK concerts but this one topped it all!!!
One Stage + NKOTB + BSB + BoyzIIMen = One AMAZING night!   



With Danny Wood (NKOTB)

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