Monday, January 2, 2012


2012... A new year, a new beginning, new resolutions, new challenges, new goals, new hopes, and new dreams...Which ever it may be, the beginning of a new year is different for everyone. As December of the current year slowly comes to an end all you read and hear about is how everyone can't wait for the year to end and for the new one to begin.

Sure everyone has had they're fair share of ups and downs, does that mean that by ending one year and beginning another those troubles and/or obstacles you were faced with will just vanish through thin air? What about the good that you experienced that year? The smiles, the laughters, the memories, does that not matter anymore?  Why wait for the new year to begin on things you'd like to acheive, why not start then?!

I once believed that closing out one year and beginning another would make the hurt, the anger, the problems go away. Who was I kidding!!!! The change in a number doesn't make it any better or make those obstacles disappear. Sure, the new year motivates one to take up on new things, but how long before one is no longer motivated? And once again the as the year reaches its end, we're back where we started. Seems as we're a bit more complicated that what we think our troubles are.

Let's cherish the good times, the friends we've made, and the paths we've crossed. Let the many obstacles and challenges we faced, be lessons learned.

With that in mind...Why not type up  a What I've Always Wanted to Do List... Start by taking on the easiest to achieve and work your way up...and definately don't wait for the beginning of the new year to take on something new! :)

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