Friday, November 2, 2012

Sweet November...

Hi Guys! I want to apologize for going missing this past month...feels like I've been doing that alot lately. Good thing you all understand what it's like to get lost in the mix of life, family, and work. Alot has been going on in my life lately, leaving me with enough time and energy to crawl into bed and manage to get a few hours of sleep. Grrr

Although I haven't blogged all month, I ocassionally lurk on your posts when I can spare some free time, like when I'm stuck in traffic, or just right before I go to bed. These days, I've found myself wanting to spend lots of time with my family and my honey. I can't figure out what the heck is wrong with me, I often think that my hormones are getting the best of me...NO I'm NOT pregnant...but I've been extremely emotional and my stress tolerance has now hit the floor. Luckily, my Honey has been very understanding, and no matter how many times those evil hormones may get to me, he's always there to tell me to grab those hormones by the balls and show them who's BOSS! (Love ya babes) Perhaps all I need is SLEEP or a nice glass of wine. :)

I can't believe how fast this year has gone by. Feels like just yesterday I was working on my 2012 list of goals and here we are at year's end. So much has happened this year, lots of new babies in my family, and my nieces are growing up so fast! So here's a little recap of the exciting happenings in 2012.
My Bestie got engaged... then a few weeks later discovered she was going to be a Mommy!  
I met the man who has brought endless smiles to my life. & I went back to school.

My Cousin Sarai had a precious little girl, named Catalina.

Visited one of my besties in VA, and managed not to get lost, thank you Siri. & got to see some Cherry Blossoms and SURVIVED all the roller coaster at Busch Gardens, VA
Took the Huns on a family trip with my gang! What better place than Disney.


Can't believe how fast she's growing up... Lydia at her Pre-K graduation & My Daddy turned the BIG 60 this year! & I finally got something under my hat!


My 32 years of life! Spent it with my 2 loves :) and my cousin Odeviz and his wife Erica have welcomed a new little boy into the family, Baby Felix.

Lydia's first day of Kindergarten. New School, New Friends...
I think I was more nervous than she was.
September-Baby Ethan is FINALLY here!!!! He's so precious...made me want to have one
until he turned on his pipes! Yikes!

October-My cousin Lianis is going to POP soon and we'll get to meet Baby Maximus

As for November, I don't really have anything exciting planned, other than our trip to Lion Country Safari this weekend, A local Carnival Fair the weekend after, A Twilight Movie Marathon the next, and finishing up details for our NYC trip in December.

Ok, so maybe there are some exciting stuff planned for this month. 
I'll keep you posted!



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  1. A Twilight movie marathon sounds very appropriate given the upcoming movie!!