Sunday, September 1, 2013

Getting Healthy~ Week 3

This week I'm feeling super great! My clothes are starting to fit a little better, and I can even get into some of the clothes hidden in the bottom of my drawer, they're still a little tight, but atleast I can put them on.

Since Labor Day Weekend is around the corner and I'm having family over for a BBQ,  I planned to be extra good this week so I can cheat a little on Sunday.

As we go into the new week, my body actually feels like it's been through some serious detox. I'm not feeling as bloated as I usually do, and I've also noticed that my migraines are not attacking me daily. Did I mention I was suffering from severe Migraines?  

Also since I started having Chai & Flax Seeds with OJ before bed I've noticed I've been pooping alot more daily, which for me is great as I usually would only go 2-4 times a week. I know I know TMI. Sorry.

Exercise: The Hubs has made a little work out plan for us to do a few nights a week. This week we tried going up and down the stairs 10 times....that's 110 steps up and 110 steps down.  Sounds exhausting, but it's doable. I was really proud of myself because I completed the 10 sets without quitting. 

We didn't watch any documentaries this week, but I did pick up this TIME magazine the other day.

It has some pretty amazing articles. Here's one I really liked...

"Can Posture Change Your Mind?"Source: Time Magazine
Article by: Regina Nuzzo

Surprise: Standing tall or hunching over affects more than your appearance. To soothe an anxious mood and maybe drop a few pounds, move right this way.

The MIND-BODY CONNECTION has long been thought of as a rather simple affair. Picture it: a bossy mind orders around its servant body like an aristocrat issuing sniffy requests to a household staff downstairs. "Body, get out of bed. Arm, lift coffee mug. Mouth, we're feeling jolly. Let's have a smile." Research increasingly shows, your body downstairs has a surprising amount of influence over your mind up above.

Something as simple as your posture can affect what your brain thinks, feels and believes. Psychologists call this "embodied cognition" a term that pays homage to deep-seated wisdom hidden in our bodies. Their research is showing that how you move your muscles and where you place your limbs, head and torso all help control your mood, your behavior, and the way you think.


Leaning In:
Makes you feel more interested in whatever you're gravitating toward. A tilt toward a tempting dessert, one study showed, is enough to light up a "gonna grab it" region of the brain.

Standing Tall:
Sparks feelings of confidence. It may make you more secure in your opinions, so you're easily less crowded.

Makes you feel stressed and unsure of yourself, scientists say there's a reason your mother always told you to stand up straight. Even when you do well, a hangdog posture leaves you more apt to throw in the towel.

Clutching yourself:
Signals to other people and yourself that you're low on the totem pole. Hugging yourself doesn't bring comfort; it increases stress, reduces your self-confidence, and makes you less assertive.

What is your Posture like?

This is where I am today:

Weight Lost: 3 pounds 

Total Lost:     13 pounds

Hips: 51"                       L Bicep: 14"                  L Calf: 18"
Waist: 41"                     R Bicep: 13"                  R Calf: 18"
Neck: 14"                      L Thigh: 28"
Bust: 45.5"                   R Thigh: 28"

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