Sunday, August 25, 2013

Getting Healthy- Week 2

This week was a little easier. I'm finally feeling a little more energy and I'm feeling great about being down 6 pounds!

I've continued to substitute 1-2 meals a day with either a shake or a juice. I've continued to snack throughout the day and still having my 8-10 glasses of water and I feel great!

This week we watched "Forks Over Knives"  another Netflix documentary where Lee advocates how you can combat many diseases by eating a low fat plant based diet. You can read more about it HERE Yes, I'm a Netflix Junkie...I'm not sure how I ever survived without Netflix. 

Over the weekend we juiced for Breakfast and Lunch since we had plans to go out for dinner. I was surprised to see that the juices and snacks had held me up throughout the day and I didn't feel hungry at all.

I love love love red meat...the Hubs keeps it out of our diet as much possible...but Kussifay has the yummiest parillada in town. Kussifay is an Argentinian Restaurant located in Downtown Hollywood. Whenever the Hubs and I get a chance to, we go there an order a parillada for 2. But this meal can probably feed up to 4 people. I only eat the skirt steakand the salad while the hubs likes to eat all the other stuff on the platter.

This week, we exercised lightly this week 3 days nothing too crazy.  I've also started parking my car farther than usual. At work I park in the last spot on the other side of the building. At the supermarket or any other place we go we also park farther just to get in a little extra walking.

This is where I am today:
Weight Lost: 4 pounds

Total Weight Loss: 10 pounds

Hips: 51"                       L Bicep: 14.5"                  L Calf: 18"
Waist: 44"                    R Bicep: 13.5"                  R Calf: 18"
Neck: 14.5"                   L Thigh: 29"
Bust: 46.5"                   R Thigh: 27"

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