Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Painting Fiesta

A few months ago I purchased a Living Social deal for a "BYOB Painting Fiesta" class and I finally made it before my coupon expired.

Ladies, if you have not yet taken one of these classes I totally recommend you do. I had a blast! Best part is NO Experience Needed.

You bring your bottle of favorite wine, and they provide you with your canvas, paint brushes, paint, apron, and the instructor. The steps are really easy to follow and at the end the masterpiece is yours.

Here are some pictures from lastnight.
Our Supplies :)
My Circle
This is supposed to be a beautiful sunset...
My tree trunk and branches
Almost done
My Masterpiece...wonder if my Honey will let me hang it up in our home. ;)
You can add gloss to your painting for an extra $3
My friend Sayda and I with our paintings
& finallly All The Artists in the class.
Overall class was so much fun. I can't wait to take another one.
Think everyone should try this atleast once, it's fun and  best of all affordable.


  1. I've done two of those classes... One on a spring break trip to New Orleans with my daughter and another one with Minnesota Bloggers. Both were a ton of fun... but I don't think I need any more paintings in my house!

    Glad you had fun.

  2. A bottle of wine and a paintbrush??!
    This calls for trouble and probably painted Andie! I like that they teach you a specific style and technique!

  3. i went to one a few weeks ago. so fun!

  4. Just stumbled across your blog... and I purchased a Groupon last November for pretty much the same thing (the paint and drink wine idea) and used it a week ago because it expired this week and I couldn't believe how much FUN it was!!!! I actually want to go back with the hubs because I thought it was so fun! We painted wine bottles! :)

    Love the colors of your painting!