Friday, January 4, 2013

Coffee Talk #16: Happy New Year!

I'm back to one of my favorite link-ups, Nathalie's Coffee Talk.
So here's the first one in 2013!

1. It's 2013! What will be the first thing you do that is memorable? -
Her- Buying a new home!!!!
Him- Buying a home!

2. It's also income tax season... what do you plan on doing with all of that $$$?
Her- Use it towards my down payment for my new home.
Him- Using it to buy a house.

3. What a re your 2012 pros/cons?
Her- Pros: Meeting my Honey, New Career Opportunity, Traveling More
        Cons: Family Issues

Him- Pros: Traveling, Meeting Libby
         Cons: NONE

4. What are you looking forward to this year?
Her- Getting married, Moving into my new home, Getting healthyHim- Purchasing a home. Losing 30 more pounds.

5. What was your favorite movie, CD album, book of 2012?
Her- Movie: The Amazing Spider Man
        CD: Taylor Swift Red
        TV Show: I don't really watch tv

Him- Movie: Batman The Dark Knight Rises
         CD: I don't buy CDs...I use the best app ever...Rdio
         Book:I don't read books, but I heard 50 shades of grey is pretty good. ::rolls eyes::
         TV Show: Walking Dead, Breaking Bad

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