Friday, January 11, 2013

To Pack or Not to Pack

22 days and counting...
Moving day is quickly creeping up on me and I've only packed ONE box. Moving must be the worst task ever, this is probably why I've lived in the same place for so long. Here I sit complaining about packing my bedroom, I can't even begin to imagine having to pack an entire house. Sure I love the idea of moving into a new place, start the new year fresh, organized, and clutter FREE...but the path to that happy ending is just mentally and physically exhausting, even more since I work during the week.
As I walked into my bedroom lastnight and looked around I immediately made a u-turn and walked right back out. I sat and thought, "Where the HECK am I going to stick all this stuff in my new place?" How is that one can "STOCK" up on so much?! As I went through my first junk drawer, cause you all know you own one, two, ok maybe even 3 of these in different rooms of your house. I'm guilty of this, only that I have 3 drawers in my bedroom because my Mom would not allow me to have them anywhere else in the house. I've found stuff I didn't even know I had, yet alone stuff that I'd actually buy. There were keychains, pens, frames, stickers, highlighter, receipts, little notes, pictures, a million paperclips, 6 hole punchers, 4 rolls of tape, and 2 boxes of staples. You'd think I was running a business out of my drawer.  Not to mention all the plastic boxes I have crap thrown into because I have no idea where to put all that stuff. Will I ever finish packing?
So Here's my game plan:

 22 days till Moving Day
Thurs. TODAY- Take my bed apart and make the air mattress my new bestfriend. (I need the extra space in the room for boxes.)
Fri.    Day 22... Busy... NO packing getting done

Sat.    Day 21... Busy... NO packing getting done

Sun.   Day 20... Make 3 piles. Keep, Garbage, Donate and attack my bookshelf.

Mon.  Day 19... Clean out and pack night stands and wall decor

Tues.  Day 18... Clean out and pack tall dresser

Wed.  Day 17... Time to let go of my babies "shoes".
Thurs. Day 16... Clean out and pack Dresser/Mirror

Fri.      Day 15... Go to storage and find my kitchen stuff.

Sat.      Day 14... Taking girls to the Circus most likely no packing    

Sun.     Day 13... Go through all knick-knack boxes

Mon.    Day 12... Closet Packing Day  

Tues.   Day 11... Start taking stuff to new home, unpack & put away 
Wed.    Day 10... Start taking stuff to new home, unpack & put away  
Thurs.  Day 9... Start taking stuff to new home, unpack & put away
Fri.       Day 8... Start taking stuff to new home, unpack & put away
Sat.      Day 7... Move bedroom furniture

Sun.     Day 6... Unpack & putaway stuff
Mon.    Day 5... Unpack & putaway stuff  

Tues.    Day 4... Unpack & putaway stuff  
Wed.    Day 3... Unpack & putaway stuff
Thurs.  Day 2... Everything should be unpacked, clean, and in move-in condition.
Fri. Move-In Date: Kick Back Relax and enjoy the nest.
If only I had a magic wand that would do all the packing and unpacking for me.

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