Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's Ok Thursdays!!!!

Its Ok Thursdays

                                        It's OK ....

...that I woke up this morning and turned on my coffee pot and forgot to add water to the machine.

...that I've been reading and researching how to join the mix of link ups and I'm just figuring it out.

...that I wish this month would come to an end, after only being 9 days into it and knowing that March is going to be just as crazy.

...that I had a brownie and a vanilla frappucino for breakfast this morning.

...that I got teary-eyed during the pre-screening of "The Vow" last night, but held it in so my bestfriend wouldn't cry. (She's pregnant and full of extra emotions...Love You Em! :)

...that I sleep with a night light on every night, since I can't remember when.

...that I have to read 3 chapters before class on Saturday morning, and I've yet to open my book. Guess it's CRUNCH TIME for me!

What are you okay with today?

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