Thursday, February 7, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII

What a game!!!! Had me and the edge of my seat and the Cowboys were'nt even playing.
Many of you may know that I'm a Football Junkie! I love anything and everything football, now if the Cowboys would get their stuff together we'd be in Great shape. We GOT this year! Right Boys?!
Anywho, this year my Huns friends invited us over for a bbq and to watch the big game.
Jesus and his girlfriend had no luck finding SuperBowl or 49ers shirts and decided to get creative and make their own. Here are a few pictures of the guys making their shirts.
I think they did pretty good considering it was their first time. I think we've began a new tradition. :)
Here's a picture of the 4 of us.  

Me and the Huns!
I don't particularly have any love for the Ravens, but I figured I'd support them since just about half of the world was rooting for the Niners. #GoRavens
Loved that they included the Sandy Hook students to sing along with Jennifer Hudson to sing America the Beautiful. So emotional! Did I mention, how great she looked?!
Jennifer Hudson and Sandy Hook Elementary School Choir Super Bowl 2013
Beyonce Killed it...and the Lights too! :) 
She totally ROCKED it!
Best HalfTime Show Performance Ever!
My favorite Commercial???....
Great Game Baltimore!
Ravens 34- Niners 31
Till next year!
What are some of your SuperBowl traditions?

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