Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Did I ever tell ya of my NKOTB Addiction? 
You guys remember them don't you?
Danny, Jon, Jordan, Donnie, and Joey.
Step by Step, Please Don't Girl, Hangin Tough...is it ringing a bell now?

I'm sure some of my non-new kids fanatic friends would probably talk me out of admiting my love for these 5; where my new kids fanatic friends would be cheering me on and show off their New Kids gear with pride! Ha! 
Like me below in 2009 at the Ft.Myers Show
Something about listening to their music brings me back to a happy place in my early years and even now at 30 something I still squee when I hear their new music, or watch them on the Today Show, E News, The View, or Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen... I've even learned how to set the DVR to record any and all of their appearances. No more of those days of panicking about why my VHS doesn't want to record or yet alone turn on. C'mon you know you've sat there for hours the night before trying to get that big ol' box to work so you can watch your favorite group so you don't miss them performing the same song over and over the same day on 3 different shows.
Well the NKOTB just released their new album "10"  and my Hunny Bunny is the Greatest and surprised me with my very own copy. #imsospoiled
Just in time for their 2013 PACKAGE Tour...
The New Kids on the Block, 98 Degrees, and BoyzIIMen will be touring together this summer!And of course I'll be at the Amway Center in Orlando on June 21st singing and dancing and screaming, and crying, and maybe even a little drooling. Sorry Babes You know I love ya!
In my many adventures I've met this guy...
and later got kissed by the same guy...
I say you find some time and read up on my many adventures with the New Kids and see where I've ended up. Make sure you get comfy, grab a cup of your favorite brew, and read it all about it HERE and HERE .
 Can you tell who is my Favorite New Kid?

Good times! Keep on the look for this summer's NKOTB Package Tour post!
Who was your all time favorite boyband?


  1. Ahhhhhhhhh!!!! I too am a huge fan!! Isn't the new CD awesome. Oh my I've been loving it.

    So jells of your pics! I've only met Jordan - but it was life changing for sure LOL

    I need to get my hands on Donny....

    I will be seeing them June 8th and cannot wait!

  2. :) Those were definitely some fun experiences we shared Libs!

    Have fun in Otown!!!

  3. Have you picked a favorite song yet? I'm gaga over the whole CD!