Monday, April 29, 2013

My Weekend Shenanigans

Linking up with Sami for this Weekend's Shenanigans...

I was really excited for this weekend to begin, this was the first time my nieces were sleeping over with me since I got hitched. Friday, just couldn't get here quick enough. Friday afternoon my sister dropped off my nieces at my office, and I was thrilled to see them. I introduced them ok showed them off to all my co-workers, because they are the cutest little girls in the world. Then I cleaned up my office and took off to get our weekend started.

When I got home they hugged their Uncle Ron, and just hung out on the couch
while I prepared something for them to eat. Then they both grabbed an Ipad and played their little fingers away.
1- Layla watching Uncle Ron play Wreck It Ralph
2- Layla teaching Uncle Ron what to do
3- Observing what he's learned.
After dinner we went to the grocery store to pick up some stuff for Saturday's BBQ. Then I gave the girl's mani/pedi's while Uncle Ron built them a
cool tent out of bed sheets so they could sleep under.
While the girls hid out under their tent, I caught up on some current events that the Huns recorded for me while at work. Donnie Wahlberg talks on the Attack in Boston.
Saturday morning, I attempted to make Mickey Pancakes,
with a Mickey pan my sister gifted me.
But I guess I put the stove on too high and the paint on the bottom of the pan started burning so I gave up and handed the stove to the Huns.
After breakfast I got the girls ready and we went to watch my Hunny's little cousin's Karate meet, where the 3 of them ranked up to Yellow Belts!
The oldest received a trophy for her great performance and for making no mistakes.
Those little girls will kick your butt!
Then we were off to celebrate with a BBQ and some Pool time with the Family!
Sunday was Spring Cleaning Day at the Granda's.
Got the Huns out of bed nice and early.
Finished a few little projects that were on our to-do list and
finally finished the last load of laundry at midnight!

I say overall it was a SUCCESSFUL weekend!

This weekend is going to be amazing, at least for me.
Iron Man 3 is coming out this weekend....and I'm super ready for their Marathon
 and to wear my new Iron Man shirt.

Spending the weekend on Ft. Lauderdale beach getting some much needed R&R!
Tell you all about it next week!

 What exciting stuff did you do this weekend?

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  1. I can't wait for Iron Man 3! Looks like a great weekend!