Monday, April 22, 2013

Weekend Shenanigans...

I'm linking up with Sami for this Weekend's Shenanigans...
I didn't do much of anything this weekend. Friday night hung out with the Huns a bit and then I took off with my Sister, Nieces, and the Parentals to West Palm Beach for a Special Day Convention, where we learned to "Protect our Conscience"... and then Sunday spent the morning running errands, organzing, doing laundry, and vegging out in front of the tv.

So here's my weekend...
One... I finally received my Disney Chase Debit Cards in the mail, aren't they the cutest? The one with the whole gang is for Our joint account and...
Two... the one of Mickey alone is my personal account.
Three... My nieces, Layla & Lydia loving each other before heading out to our convention.
Four... Posing with my little Princess Layla
Five... Lydia, my little Fashionista sporting floral sunglasses
Six... Caught Lydia drawing a picture...she says it's a picture of her and Auntie Libby. She's the sweetest!
Seven... 2 of my favorite little people. The little princess is in white; her Mom was one of my bestfriends growing up and now her little girl is one of my favorite little friends and friends with my nieces. #newfriends #oldfriends
Eight... Have I ever told you how much I love Iron Man? I'm obsessed! This is the shirt I will be wearing for the Super Dooper Iron Man marathon next month. So excited!
Nine... What's a weekend without catching the man you fell in love with, using one of his many new toys to ZAP the poor little bugs that fly around our light outside.
There you have it!

If you've not yet met
Sami stop by her place, you'll feel right at home. 
What did you do this weekend?

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  1. Its thursday...but i'll relive my weekend for you!
    Friday...don't remember and some wine
    Saturday...gym, italian food, errands, and Swine (THE BEST RESTAURANT...which you have to wait 3 hours, but it was well worth the wait!)
    Sunday...kickball, pizza, wine, and I don't remember...

    Man..those were some fun times! lol!