Monday, June 25, 2012

Phone Photo Fun Mondays

Happy Monday!!!!
 Here's what's on my phone from last week's adventures! 

1- Girls walking to the park distracted by the evil little chihuahua across the street
 2- Some bunny loves me...I was surprised with this sweet butterfly treats
from Little Debbie Cakes 
 3- Presents for me from my 2 little Princesses and my Sister for passing my HR Course :)
 4- This is what I got!!!!
 5- Girls said that this is what they're wearing to my Celebration Dinner.
They're so Stylish! 
 6- The cake my sister bought me. It was supposed to say...
"Finally, Something Under Your Hat"
but Publix forgot the "Finally". LOL
It was DELICIOUS!!! Thank you Sister!
 7- Beautiful Daises from my HoneyBee.
 8- Icecream Date with my 2 little Princess.
 9- This Little Diva says- Tia, I'm Ready! Let's GO!
10- & Beautiful Me :) 
~Wishing you all a Beautiful Week!!!~


  1. I love Little Debbie snacks! I didn't know they had butterfly ones.

  2. thanks for linking up today! Looks like you are one lucky lady with all the flowers, cake and gifts!!