Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Latest OBSESSION...

 Aahhhh!!!! How do I make it STOP!!!! Not sure when, where or how, but I'm obsessed with Bucket Lists! I've always been a list person, you know your daily to do lists, shopping lists, etc...and I totally love scratching off what I've gotten accomplished. After watching "The Bucket List" a few moons ago I decided that I should create one for myself, and here I am today and have a My Someday List, and a  32 by 32 & I find myself starting a Summer Bucket List! I think it's time I some professional help soon!!!

Summer officially begins on June 20th and ends on September 21st...that's 14 weeks!!!  14 weeks of fun!!!!

So now that I will officially be over with school, and my Saturdays will again be FREE and I'll be able to sleep in some and enjoy spending time with the family. Here are a few, ok a lot of the things I'd like to do this summer.

- Visit the Zoo
- Visit the Seaquarium
- Go to Butterfly World
- Go to the Beach
- Get a nice tan
- Get a massage
- Go camping
- Take the girls to Build-A-Bear
- Take the girls to get manis/pedis
- Girls Day Out with Mom, Sister, and the Girls
- Watch a Sunset
- Have a picnic
- Take a bubble bath
- Lay on the grass under a tree and read
- Laugh till I cry
- Go Fishing
- Give my bedroom a makeover
- De-Clutter
- Blow bubbles
- Play a board game
- Have lunch with a friend
- Make a new friend
- Visit Miami's Tourist Attractions
- Buy myself a bike
- Go on a bike ride
- Go Skating
- Have a slumber party
- Go Bowling
- Get weekly mani's
- Play Bingo
- Take Public Transportation for a day
- Build a sand castle
- Pay for the person behind me order at a drive-thru
- Bake bread
- Recreate an outfit from a magazine
- Visit an old friend
- Make a photobooth collage
- Try Vodka Gummy bears
- Fly a kite
- Exercise Daily
- Play Minituare Golf
- Make someone's day
- Hangout with the Bestie
- Take the girls to the water park
- Visit Lion Country Safari
- Go to the Children's Museum
- Add change to someone's meter
- Visit the Petting Zoo
- Attend a wine tasting
- Spend the day with my little cousin Daylin
- Adopt Sophie for a day
- Surprise someone
- Make my bed everyday
- Watch 14 new movies
- Finish Planning my 2012 trips
- Visit Mickey Mouse

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  1. I love lists too! I make so many, although mine don't always get accomplished! haha You should probably move the vodka gummy bears to the top of your list :)

  2. I love the list! I always want to make a summer bucket list, but by the time I get around to it summer is usually almost over. :-/

  3. hey thanks for the linkup shout out! It's generated a lot of traffic onto my blog!

  4. I'm a list maker too. I just finished our bucket list. It makes me look forward to summer with my kids.

  5. I Love, Love, Love the design of your blog! Just wanted to peek in and say thank your for stopping by mine and showing your support...followed you back! Looking forward to blog-mingling with you! Tootles!

    p.s - I used to live in Homestead, Florida too!

  6. Hey! xD Thanks for following! I love your blog.

  7. Sounds like you have a lot of fun things in store for the summer! I would just like to get a tan. I haven't had one since my son was born 3 years ago...


  8. Target has nice bikes for real cheap!
    Or you can always rent one at the zoo and bike ride with the hunny ;)