Friday, June 29, 2012


This week has finally ended!!! June too has come to an end! Is it me, or are these days flying by. I can't believe we're getting ready to start July!

I LOVE the month of July!!! Not only because there's a day dedicated to yours truly! But there's BBQ's, fireworks, lots of sunshine, visiting Mickey, and months closer to Football Season!

So much to look forward to the next coming weeks. Where do I start?! Let's see!

I have family in town this weekend. My niece's Pink Affair Grad Party unfortunately was postponed  but we have a fabulous weekend in store for her to make-up for it. Looking forward to spending some QT with my Honeybee. Going to see the other man in my life "Channing Tatum" in Magic Mike ::sighs::  (Good thing my Honey is not jealous and shares well.) Love you hunny! :p
The new Spider Man Movie comes out too!!!
Looking forward to turning a year older on Monday. Then spending the day at the Zoo with the girls on Wednesday, the FABULOUS 4-day week ahead. Housesitting this coming week equals of week of relaxation and waking up to an amazing view and watching the fireworks on the beach. Disney the following weekend, 12 days and counting!!! My first Air Balloon Experience. ::squee:: A Wine-Tasting Event the next weekend followed by lunch with 2 of my Besties. And putting the finishing touches on my Best Friend's Baby Shower. 

Whew! Think I'm going to need a vacay and an EXTRA LARGE Margarita at the end of July! :)


  1. Oh my gosh, You TOTALLY need to let me know how Magic Mike is... I really wanted to see it!

  2. Did you see Magic Mike? Was it awesome? I want to see it so bad.