Monday, June 4, 2012

Memorial Weekend

First off, I hope you all had a nice Memorial weekend. I surely enjoyed mine...and We did end up at Magic Kingdom and see my boyfriend Mickey. I love Mickey, he's sooo cute!!! Oh And we did a little shopping too! There were some amazing sales this weekend! So sad I'm NOT rich!
I accomplished just about everything on my "I Will" from my previous post. let's go down the list. I'll type up a new post and pictures on our Disney trip later!

My "I Will' List 

1- Sleep, Sleep, and more Sleep. I'd like to get atleast 8 hours of sleep.
* Nope didn't get any of this. My honey ended up coming along, so it was nice to spend "extra" time with him so we made sure to use up the whole 24 hours together each day.
2- Have breakfast with my Mom, Sister and my little princess daily.
* I did have breakfast with each of them everyday. :)

3- GET some SUN!!!! I've been told I'm waaaay past pale. (that's mean, right?)
* I didn't get as much as I would've liked, only hung out by the pool on Saturday, but did get a little tan. :)

4- Read! I've purchased about 10 books since the beginning of the year, I have yet to open one. So sad I know.
* Yes...I began reading Sophie Kinsella's "Shopaholic Ties the Knot" I love her series of books. I managed to read more than expected...of course now that I'm back to the regular schedule I've put it down. :( 

5- Bake- I totally love that our Villa has a kitchen. My nieces love baking, so we will definately get some baking done! Mickey Cupcakes, anyone?!
* I Did bake cupcakes with my little princess Layla. Lydia was too busy infront of the tv. Kids and television. *SMH* but the cupcakes were DEEEELLLICCCIOUS!!!!!

6- Spa Night... I haven't given the girls a spa night in a manis/pedis/facials/and non-alcoholic piña coladas while we watch The Little Mermaid. The girls will totally love this!
* I did give the girls mani and pedis! :) We didn't watch the Little Mermaid as they decided they wanted to watch 2 different movies. They didn't have piña coladas, but I did!!!! :)
7- Dress Up/Photo Shoot- Since Lydia will be graduating PreK in a few weeks, and I've promised her a graduation party, this will be the perfect time to dress her up and have a photo shoot to prep for her special night!
* Lydia loved taking pictures!!! I will upload her pictures later today. She loved being all sparkly and pink! This was a lot of fun!

8- Tango!- I know this weekend is strictly to catch up and spend time with my Mom, my Sister, and the Nieces...I'm sure they won't mind if I share a few minutes of their time so I can Tango with the Huns! Hmmm....maybe while they sleep. ;)
* Well since the honey came along, I didn't have to Tango!!!! It's sooo much better to talk to him in person than over tango.

9- Have some ME time...As much as I love hanging out with the family, I can really use a little ME time, even if it's just a few minutes away!
* I didn't really get any ME time, other than while I read my book and when I showered, or power napped...but that doesn't really count. :/
10- Enjoy my Mom, my Sister, and my Nieces...god knows we need each other right now and can definately use this mini getaway.
* and YES! I definately enjoyed hanging out with sad the weekend flew by so quickly...but hey now we have Labor Day Weekend to look forward to. :)

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