Thursday, June 7, 2012

VPK Graduation c/o 2012

Yesterday was my niece's VPK Graduation. Last year we attended because Lydia was performing a peanut dance or maybe she was a potato...anyhow after watching the kids in c/o 2011 graduate I got super excited for Lydia's day! So I rallied up my sister and my friend Kristina and told them that c/o 2012 was ALL ours!

So as May came to an end, my Mom, Sister and I started planning this years VPK graduation. A little bumps here and there, but at the end of it all, it turned out Great! My Sister and Kristina were named Mother of the Year, and my Mommy was awarded the Grandma of the Year Award. How cool is that?! And Lydia and Sophie had a blast!

* Kristina is Sophie's Mom...Sophie is Lydia's cousin*

Here are some pictures from Lydia's big day!

Lydia's Cap & Gown Picture
The Girls 
Cousins :)  
Lydia and I
My Mom and Lydia 
Mom receiving Grandmother of the Year Award
 Graduation Cake
Lydia's Diploma


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  1. Cute! Your niece is adorable and I love the cake! :)