Friday, August 3, 2012

"Any Way the Wind Blows"

TGIF! Whew, never thought this week would come to an end. Hi guys, just stopping in for a quick second to introduce you to my new friend Sarah! You guys remember my 2 year Celebration Giveaway? Sarah, was the lucky winner of the $25 Shell Gas Card. And I've invited her to tell us a little about herself, while I'm busy with the finishing touches of my Bestie's babyshower.  You're going to love Sarah, trust me!

Hey gang! I’m Sarah, and I blog over at “Any Way the Wind Blows.”
It’s awesome to be here on “It's Never Too Late . . . Although I’m Always Late.”  Thanks so much, Libby! You’re awesome!

I starting blogging in college because this really cute hippie guy told me I should.  Yep.
 Even though I told stories constantly, I had never been one for journaling. Still, this guy was really cute, so I gave blogging a whirl and fell in love.  With blogging, that is—my efforts failed to impress said hippie.
When I finally tied the knot to a much cuter hippie, I decided to start blogging anew, and "Any Way the Wind Blows" was born.  At first, it was an attempt to capture existence as a newlywed.  Now, almost three years later, I love recording the tiny little details that make life hilarious, frustrating, and beautiful.  Everything, even little insignificant things, can be a great story if you’re watching.
Now, as the hubs and I are prepping for a HUGE move across the country in seven months, I’ll be writing more on that . . . because it’s kind of a big deal . . . and exciting . . . just a little . . .  Ok, it's like TONS exciting!
So, that’s the blog . . . Me? I’m a bumbling set of walking contradictions:
     I’m a Christian, living my life based on an encouraging and challenging relationship through Grace. It’s not always easy, but it’s my Rock.
     I married my best friend’s brother. Yeah, you read that right. Isn’t that a movie title somewhere?
We met when I was fifteen, and, from that moment, I fought the cliché of “I have a crush on my friend’s cute big brother.” It was futile. How could I resist? He was talented, smart, funny, sweet, and, oh good LORD, was he a hottie! Turns out, he fell for me, too, but we were both too shy to say anything. 
No, really.
I literally could not say a single word to his face. Instead, I wrote notes like “Thanks for letting me borrow your sunglasses –Your Sister’s Twerpy Friend” and slid them under his door.
Eventually, we got over that. Thank God. We not only started talking but started dating when I was nineteen. Three-and-a-half years later, we were married.  Huzzah! Huzzah!
    I’m terrified of people, but I love public speaking and performance arts.
Except dancing . . . If you told me to dance or die, you’d probably kill me off just to spare your eyes from the horror that is my lack of coordination.
     I’m a nerd.  I love trivia, literature, folklore, sci-fi, fantasy, and documentaries, and creatures great and small. Don’t worry—I try to keep the nerdhood to a minimum.  Sort of . . . sometimes it creeps in . . .
    I want to be a pirate when I grow up. Seriously. I do.  
    I firmly believe that anything can be fixed by a good cup of tea, a nap, or peanut butter (sorry, not a chocolate fan . . . does that make me a non-woman?)
    My favorite thing to do is make people laugh. I’m not a comedian by any means, but, sometimes, my observations, enthusiasm and honesty comes off as funny.  I like that. Life's better when laughter's involved.
    If you were to look at my Myers Briggs score, I’m an INFJ . . . So, I feel A LOT, overthink overthinking, and I love isolation but am cheating on it with a social life. Also, despite my suspicion of others’ wicked ulterior motives, I’m pretty open due to my belief in the innate goodness of human beings. Like I said: contradictions.
    I’d be a crazy cat lady if the hubs would let me . . . seriously, I think I’d have about 12 felines right now . . . and I’ve recently discovered a love for puppies, so there’d be about four of those . . . and a Bearded Dragon . . . and a Ball Python . . . and an owl . . . Can I just have a zoo? Please? Didn’t Matt Damon buy one of those???
For now, I settle for two tabby cats and a long-haired American Dingo. Yes, it is a breed, and it's awesome.
    Can you tell I talk a lot? I love words. SO MUCH.  And grammar. Grammar is awesome.
    Art is a close second favorite to words.  I’m a notoriously messy artist (dude, fingers are totally brushes). Not only is my parents’ driveway scarred from my previous artistic pursuits, but I found paint in my armpit, once.  I have no bloody clue how that happened.

And that's me in a nutshell. Thanks so much for reading, and I would absolutely adore it if you'd stop by. 

Thanks again, Libby! 

Have a great day, everyone! 


  1. hey dear.. nice blog you have ...
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  2. aww what a lovely blog post! I am your newest follower. I cannot wait to read more of your posts and hope that maybe you can return the favor and follow The Preppy Student. I always comment for every comment left on my page and hope to start a friendly relationship with your wonderful blog! Have a happy Friday:)