Tuesday, August 7, 2012

So many choices...

One night last week I came home from work exhausted and my nieces were beyond hyper. So I made a deal, ok I admit, I bribed them and told them that if they went and showered then went to bed without a fuss and kept quiet, I'd take them to Walmart and buy them this La Dee Da doll and Bratz doll they've both been talking about for weeks.

So the bribe worked like a charm, they showered, put their pj's on, went to bed, no fighting about what they were watching on tv, it was GREAT!!! So as I laid in my bed peacefully I thought, let me google what these dolls look like and what they cost. $20 for a barbie doll! Are you serious? Whatever happened to those $3.97 barbie dolls when I was growing up. Gosh I miss those days when I would take them to the dollar store and they'd pick 1 item each and they were the happiest kids on earth. They could've atleast jumped from a buck to 5 bucks. Ya know?

So here are pictures I took from our doll shopping date:

Can't you tell how excited they are?

We made it to Walmart

So many choices...Notice Layla's hands on her hips like saying hurry up Lydia I want to get my doll.

Still undecided, which one will she choose?

15 minutes later...She changed her mind and chose Tinkerbell and her Fairy Friend.

Layla knew exactly what she wanted.

La Dee Da Sweet Party Doll, "Dee as Dots of Style" is coming home with us!

Still think $45 and some change for 2 dolls and a mini doll set is way too much money, but if my little princess are happy, then Auntie Libby is happy.

The End!


  1. Oh my gosh. I just read my future as a parent. I should buy stock in Walmart now because I'm sure every time I need to bribe we'll be going there. Thanks for the laugh!

  2. Newest follower from the FL linkup! We are from central florida!

  3. Oh my goodness! They are the cutest! What a fun trip! :]
    My little sisters love coming to my house for sleepovers because I always take them to Target and, if we don't buy a little something fun, we get cakepops from Starbucks ;] Your post totally reminded me of trips with them!
    Have a great day!