Thursday, August 2, 2012


Today, I'm linking up with Jenn for my Currently

current book:
i love love emily giffin. my bestfriend introduced me to her with "something borrowed" and i was hooked. i just started reading "love the one you're with" and I can't put it down.

current playlist:
i'm going to see brad paisley in september. i have always loved his music and i'm ecstatic to see him in i've been on a Paisley high.
*This is Country Music
*Waitin' on A Woman
*She's Everything
*Mud on Tires
*Remind Me

current color:
i went natural this time around...this weekend I'm going to sport out my new teal/glitter nail polish i received from the nail swap. Eeek!

current food/drink:
Mmmm. i'm totally addicted to these pita chips and hummus. one must have will i bring a serving size to work with me twice a week as a snack, so my addiction doesn't add to my waistline. :/

current favorite show:
army wives. i'm not even sure why...i just the love the show.

current needs:
 health insurance, longer days, sleep, and a bigger closet.

current banes of my existence:
stupidity, immaturity, and revenge.
c'mon people freakin' grow up.

current celebrity crush:
always: chaning tatum
recently: chris evans (Captain America)

current #1 blessing:
my parents...don't know where i'd be today without them.

current indulgence:
jell-o's 60 calorie/sugar free pudding Yummy!

current outfit:
knee length dress from TJMaxx, black heels
(those who know me, know that I only wear dresses and skirts when I haven't done laundry)

current excitement:
29 days till I see Mickey!

current mood:

current favorite quote or verse:

current wishlist item:
pink ribbon pandora charm, pink dallas cowboys "witten" jersey, and pink nike shox sneakers.

current favorite product:
Boi~ing- industrial-strength concealer from Sephora
this thing works miracles!!!


  1. So with you on the hummus and pita chips. YUM!!! And the skirt due to no pants thing? Totally there. Haha. ;] Have an great day!

  2. I've never heard of Emily Giffin, I must read one of her books! I love that picture of your parents, they are so cute ;) and lucky you, going to Disneyland... I'm jealous!

  3. Those chips and that hummus are my favorite snack combo :) Delicious!!

  4. Great answers. I found myself nodding a lot. :)

    I just downloaded an Emily Griffin book on my Nook, but I've only ever read one of hers and I wasn't a huge fan. I hope I like this one better.

  5. I had me some Stacy's last night...In one of my grad school classes, my friend would always bring a Costco size bag to our table. We would finish that bag within 1 hour of class between 4 people...crumbs and all.

    And I'm gonna have to save my pennies for a trip to Sephora!

  6. emily giffin is one of my very favorite authors! i just bought her new book and can't wait to get started on it :)

    and love those stacys pita chips. YUMMM.

  7. You're going to Disney???!!! So jealous!