Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lydia's First Day of Kindergarten

The past few weeks we've been preparing for my niece Lydia's first day of Kindergarten. Although she attended a VPK program last year, it wasn't as nerve wrecking because it was held at the same daycare that she's been attending since she was 2. I guess my nerves had something to do with the fact, that she would be attending a different school and that made it scary for me. Not sure why, since both my siblings and I attended this Elementary School, and we turned out fine. I get that one day they will grow up and become independent but I guess once they come into our lives the worrying never stops and I'm not even the Mommy, although sometimes I might as well be.
As we prepared, we kind of pumped her up with all the new school supplies, new bookbags, uniforms, how she was going to be in a classroom that would have a desk just for her with her name on it, how she would make new friends, and how now she was going to have lunch in a cafeteria and that I'd give her money everyday so she can buy a cookie at lunch. Well all of that got her excited for about 20 mins, then she would say,"I don't want to go to big girl school, I want to stay at my little school with my old teacher and my old friends". It just broke my heart.
First day of school, we wake her up and get her dressed, have breakfast with her, I kept my promise and gave her money for her cookie, but she still wasn't excited. I told her that if she was to be scared, to close her eyes and ask God to take her care of her and not let her be scared anymore, and that he would.
Unfortunately, I work 40 miles away and couldn't take her to first day of school, (waaaahhhhh) but my sister says that Lydia was a little nervous, but once she got to her desk it was exactly how I told her it would  be and she didn't give any trouble about staying.
As the day went by, I could barely wait to get home to hear all about her first day. She said she likes her new teacher and her new friends, she told me that they learned about the letter A, had pizza, an apple, and milk for lunch, but didn't like the little green balls (peas) ha! and that she got homework, which she took upon herself to complete without anyone's help and when we told her it was done incorrectly, her response was, "I wanted mine to be different". Kids! so thank god for Photoshop, my sister was able to make a clean copy of her assignment so she can complete it correctly. Once her homework was done, she handed me a whole new list of supplies she needed along with the teacher's new wishlist...say what?! So I did as any other Auntie would do and took her shopping, $65 later, she was ready to conquer Kindergarten.
Here are some pictures of her first day!

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  1. Awww, you must be a proud auntie - look at her! Pretty soon you'll be at her high school graduation. :)