Friday, August 10, 2012

Hello..You Still There? Anyone? Yoohoo!

This may be the longest post ever!
May cause boredom, yawning, and even make your forehead meet your keyboard.
 If you're still reading this after reading the warning label, I warned ya!  Just sayin'

When I said I was going to be MIA for a few days, I was refering to the week prior to the babyshower, and it turns out that I'm busier this week than I was the week before. How is that even possible?!

Let's see a quick recap on last week.

Ummm the famous Donkey Show I won tickets for that I was afraid of going to, yea turned out exactly as I imagined. It was a Disco type, Studio 54 meets Shakespeare kinda party/show. Ever read or see the play MidSummer Night's Dream? Picture that Disco style. All I can say is that it was somewhat INTERESTING. But not the exciting and fun interesting, more like the scary and creepy kind of interesting. Well that was my opinion, the crowd, my hunny, and my friend and her fiance who I dragged along with us, thought it was a cool show. I guess, if you're into that kind of stuff.
Some of the crowd dressed up in 70's gear, I wish I would've known, I would've loved to have dressed up too, ok maybe not. 

What's next? Oh yea, I don't know if I've ever mentioned in any of my previous posts, I don't recall how I came about it, but I've been to a few ok alot of movie pre-screenings since the beginning of the year. How it works? You get a pre-screening pass, you stand in line before the show as it's first come first serve basis, you get to watch an unreleased movie before everyone else, then you go tell your friends how awesome the movie was so they go watch it...the best part for YOU is that it's FREE!!! I'll tell you how to get those passes at the end of this paragraph.  Anywho, so Thursday night I went to watch "Total Recall" with my honey, sadly I never watched the first original version, but I must say this version ROCKED! I say you all save your pennies and go watch it!

To get free pre-screening passes, you can go to GofoboAdvanceScreenings , WildAboutMovies some of them on gofobo will require a rsvp code, your local newspapers, some radio stations, give out the rsvp codes and you can enter them there. Other movies may have open screenings and those are the ones you want. The ones you can print right away.  There you have it, a free date during the week compliments of me. :)

Then Friday, we went over my Besties to finalize all the shower favors and goodies. And then I decorated her belly with all the leftover stickers. Isn't her belly the cutest?!

Saturday, I spent the day with my honey, my nieces, and my Mom. We ran some errands, took the girls for pony rides, had lunch, grew some sponge animals, and even made some Art. (Stay tuned for the "ART" post.)

Sunday was the babyshower...Everything was so nicely set up and beautiful. Decor was beautiful, food was DELICIOUS, and Baby Ethan received everything and much more for his arrival. Now we're just counting down the days.  35 days to go! Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures since Auntie to Be, Amey and I were playing hostess. I only got this one picture. 
I promise once the photographer sends us the photos to share them with you.

And that folks, was my weekend. Now as for this week. I spent Sunday-Tuesday house/doggysitting. Wednesday the huns cooked some yummy pasta and then we went and hungout at Bayside Marketplace, where I got this ring and the cutest new Mickey phone case.

Isn't Mickey the cutest?

Now I have 2!  :)

Lastnight, we went to see Ruby Sparks (another pre-screening)  This is the movie where the guy is a writer and the girl he writes about comes to life..The movie was really cute!

This weekend, I have a date with my overdue cluttered room, drawers, and closet. Bleh!
It's time for some spring/summer and soon to be fall cleaning. How exciting, right?!...
I just want to cry! But it's gotta be done.

There you have it folks, my weekend, week recap and this weekend recap.
Hope yours is full of sunshine, margaritas, and fun!!!


  1. Thanks for the screening info! Gonna keep my eye out on stuff! xo!

  2. That ring is so fun! and I love baby bellies - they are so adorable.

  3. I love that ring Libby!! Adorable! Just wanted to say that you're amazing!

  4. i miss going to movies pre-screening. i work as a line producer in film, but most of the time, when the movies that i work for get the pre-screening or the premiere, i cannot come because i'm already on another project.

  5. Libby! What fun to read your blog!!! This is a fun post too! How neat to get to do advance screenings!!! I sometimes do secret shops and some of those are trailer checks and you can stay for the movie too, but there's nothing like seeing it in advance! how cool! One I really want to do sometime is for our drive in theater! it's all nostalgic and lots of fun!

    Aww what a fun baby shower!!! Mine is this Friday and I can't wait!! We're getting all the decorations and last minute stuff tomorrow!!

    haha I won't be enjoying a margarita but I will definitely be enjoying the sunshine!! :)

    Thank you so much again for your box!! :)