Monday, August 27, 2012

Phone Photo Fun Mondays

Here's another round of what's on my phone this week with Savanah & Ashlee:
 I'm a Menchie's Frozen Yogurt addict and was so excited to see they have the "Chip" puppy spoon, now. I had planned to get one over the weekend,
but thanks to TS-Isaac I wasn't able to. :(

Preparing for TS-Isaac this weekend, I found that my Dallas Cowboys Gnome's shoe, hat, and butt was broken. Made me so sad!!! (waaah)
 My little Strawberry Shortcake
My glasses make me look smart!
 I stopped at a light behind this van on my way home and totally made me smile. You see Shifta is the son of a realtor that I used to work with; Shifta was just in Highschool when he started, and would always come by and give me his new music, so proud to see how far he's come. :)
 My little princess has Bieber Fever

New make-up compliments of Meredith from my Beauty Box Swap. :)
That's all Folks!
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  1. Libs, you are smart even without the glasses! But you look secretary sexay with them on ;)
    I dare you to try Yogurtland...they have Hello Kitty & Sanrio spoons!

    stay dry friend!

  2. Bummer about the gnome! And what a cute little Strawberry Shortcake you have there. :)

  3. Ah what a huge bummer about the gnome! Can you get another one?

  4. Hey girl thanks so much for stopping by and signing up for the scarf swap! I hope you didn't get hit too hard by Isaac.

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