Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Story in Pandora


This week I came home from work and the Huns surprised me with a new Pandora bracelet and 3 new charms. He says my first bracelet tells the story of our relationship. And This one will tell the story of our happily ever after.

Today I will share with you my "addictions" in My Story in Pandora. Hi my name is Libby, and I'm addicted to Pandora. I purchased my first pandora bracelet about a year and a half or so, without knowing how much each charm would cost and how long it would take me to fill it up. I remember wearing it all the time even without any charms, I guess you can say I'm cheap. 

1- February 2012 is where it all began. The Huns and I had just started dating and for our first month anniversary he bought me my first charm, the Turtle. I love turtles, I think they're sooo cute! I once had a pet turtle name MichealAngelo, and he grew too big and I couldn't continue caring for him, so I donated him to a reptile store. I plan on adopting another little turtle in the future, only this time I won't let him get so big. :)
2- For our second month anniversary the Huns surprised me with the Daisy charm, because daisies are my favorite.
3- For our third- he gave me the Butterfly Charm. Not only do I love butterflies, but he says that this charm will be a reminder that he will forever give me butterflies.
4- I tell the Huns he's my big teddy bear and I love his teddy bear he gave me a Teddy Charm.
5 & 6- His Mom gave me the airplane and suitcase because she knows I love to travel. His mommy is the sweetest.
7- I love baking...and cupcake's are my specialty ;) so for my bday he gifted me a cupcake.

8 & 9- The bestie gifted me the "Friends Forever" butterfly (she has the other half) and the Daisy Clip as a Thank You for throwing her Baby Shower.
10- With Football Season just around the corner, the Huns surprised me with a touchdown pass and I got to keep the Football.
11- My Sister gifted me the Football Helmet cause I love me some Football.
12- One day I will fly around the world to visit the Eiffel tower...thought I get one to remind me to save my pennies.
13- Since I'm a Photo Maniac...the huns got me the Camera charm.
14- I am the Queen of his heart...and he gave me the crown to prove it. 
15-  My friend Amey (my Bestie's Sister) gifted me a butterfly for helping her throw her sister's shower.
16- For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I bought myself the Komen Pink Ribbon Barrel, because my Mom is a Survivor and I am a supporter in the battle to end breast cancer!
17- The Huns gave me his heart...and I promised I'd take good care of it.
18- He also gave the Flower Clip just because I love flowers.

19- To remember our first trip to NYC he gave me the Statue of Liberty.
20- Who doesn't love Presents?! I Love Presents!
21- To keep our almost first year of memories together and my charms from ever getting lost, the Huns gave me a Flower Safety Chain to keep them safe.
22- This February the Huns asked/made me his!!!! And I got the charm to prove it!
23- And while we were at it we went crazy and became Mr. & Mrs. Granda
24- Colorful butterflies...make me happy!
25- We will be very prosperous together and this money bag will represent it.
26- Did I ever tell you how much I love Mickey Mouse? My sister surprised me with this Chamilia "Mickey Charm", although it's not by Pandora I still wear it. :) 
Seriously after typing this post I just realized how SPOILED I am.
The Babes must really Love me, huh?! 
Love ya Babes!
Have you checked out Pandora's Spring/Summer Collection? The Fairy Tale Collection is Adorable too! I can't wait to own some of their new pieces.
Are you a Pandora Addict? Which is your favorite charm?


  1. I LOVE Pandora too!! I only have a handful of charms but I hope to get more! I have the initials of each of my kids, a cross, and a pretty silver one. I def want mine to tell a story too! :)

  2. I don't own any Pandora, but what a fun way to tell your stories!