Monday, March 18, 2013

A Little Bit of Everything...

Happy Monday... to those who love Monday mornings. Unfortunately I'm not one of those few!
This post is just about a little bit of everything that's been going on in my life the past few weeks I just never got around to blogging about it, and my iphone is filled with lots of exciting pictures.

Over the weekend the Huns and I spent the day with his family and his little cousin's at the park.
They had a petting zoo and pony rides. The kids loved it, the animals, I'm sure not so much.

I love bunnies!

Have I told you how addicted I've become to gel polish? So much so that I'm considering on owning my very own LED lamp and a stash of gel polish.  I'm wearing a black matte polish on the nail bed and black gel polish on the tip.
 My friends planned a girl's night for my friend Amey who is getting married next week.
We rented a room at the Hard Rock, went out for dinner, had some drinks, a little dancing, and an extra large pizza to end to the night.
100 oz Margarita
 With the Bachelorette
 With the Bestie 

We've The Huns finally gotten around to organizing and cleaning out our storage.
The Huns has done an amazing job! He's even built me a closet :)
I have the Bestest Honey in the World. Thank you Babes.
This weekend we went to visit My Mom and my 2 little princesses.
I've missed them sooo much.
 They had just gotten back from the Fair with their Dad and were showing off the stuffed bears they won and the Balloon Pop Race. 
 The next morning I walked in to check on them and found Lydia sleeping under her art desk to avoid the sunlight from hitting her face. Kids are so creative!   
 I'm totally loving all the spring colors! 
Here's 2 that are on my shopping list! 
Any Army Wives Fans out there? The first episode to Season 7 had me in tears from beginning to end. And last week's Goodbye episode must've been one of the hardest ever.
Who's excited for the new cast on Army Wives?!
So there you have little bit of everything!




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