Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Bachelor Finale

Who's been religiously every Monday watching The Bachelor for the last 12 weeks?
I sure have... I've even recruited a new fan who can't wait for next season. ;)

I've been a bachelor/bachelorette fan since way back when Trista was the Bachelorette, I think that was the first or second season if I'm not mistaken.
From that season on I have yet to miss an episode...thanks to my Huns faithful DVR and ABC online.
Last night's finale was truly emotional. I was really rooting for Lindsey. I totally loved her for Sean. Everytime they were together I saw sparkles in their eyes and loved how goofy they were together. Catherine just didn't convince me, after the hometown dates I felt as she wasn't ready for a commitment. I never saw any chemistry or sparks between them. Even after the last date, when he walked away it just wasn't there. I was really shocked and heartbroken when he picked Catherine over Lindsey, but as my new recruit says, it's Sean who has to chose at the end of it all.
How about that proposal?
One of the sweetest proposal's I've ever seen.
I loved how nervous she was and how she asked him if he was really hers. During the "After the Final Rose", Sean and Catherine mentioned that since their journey to their happily ever after began on TV that they'd like to share their wedding day with America. I'm excited for that.
After the Final Rose, Chris Harrison announced the next Bachelorette...It will be Desiree Hartsock. We all fell in love with her and her bubbly personality this season and many viewers were sad when Sean sent her home.
All you Bachelor/Bachelorette Fans out there are you READY for next season?!
For those Sean Lowe fans...don't be sad to see him go. Sean couldn't stay away from ABC for too long...You'll get to drool over him for another 19-20 weeks as they just announced that he will be a contestant on this season's Dancing with the Stars.
Dancing with the Stars returns Monday March 18th on ABC.
Don't miss it!

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