Monday, February 18, 2013

33 by 33

Last year I attempted to complete a list of 32 things by my 32nd birthday and I totally failed! Perhaps it was because I started working on my list a little too late, or it could've been just pure laziness.

Since my life has now become a little less hectic, I'm almost positive that I'll be able to accomplish everything on my list. *Keeping my fingers crossed*

Here it goes...

1-  Add 33 New Posts
2-  Try 33 NEW things
3-  Find a place that I love & Move
4-  Be Debt Free or atleast really close to it
5-  Lose 33 lbs
6-  Watch 33 new movies
7-  Bake a carrot cake
8-  Get a bike
9-  Visit 7 new places
10- Complete at least 3 scrapbooks.
11- Take the girls to the Zoo, Parrot Jungle, Seaquarium, Monkey Jungle
12- Have lunch with an old friend and catch up
13- Take the Huns somewhere he's never been
14- Have a weekend movie/tv show marathon with the Huns
15- Cook a new recipe from a cook book
16- Have a Sister Day
17- Clean out and organize our storage...scary
18- Finish moving my stuff from Mom's house
19- Have a Garage Sale
20- Host a Summer Party for the Girls
21- Start planning our wedding
22- Save $$$$$$
23- Eat at the Food Trucks
24- Pick Strawberries
25- Read 3 books
26- Go to the beach
27- Host a Blog Gift Swap
28- Have a Girl's Night
29- Visit Mickey
30- Finish the Office Project
31- Go to the Keys
32- $330 Spoil Me Spending Shopping Spree
33- Treat myself to a Spa Day

Now that I've finished my list, time to get started...Only 133 days left. Yikes! 

I will be adding this list as an additional page, Labeled 33 by 33 so we can track my progress. Hope you'll stop by and check it out often and see what I've checked off my list. :)

Results of my 33 by 33 will be posted on July 2nd, 2013.

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