Wednesday, February 13, 2013

He Still Gives Me Butterflies...

Since today is a day filled with love, I will brag about the man who still gives me butterflies.
This is my Honey, isn't he the cutest?!

How we met:
First off, I will thank Dr. Warren for helping us cross our paths and secondly, Starbucks for helping make our first date memorable and for my Non-Fat White Chocolate Mocha with No Whip. Yum :)

Our First Kiss:
I have a NO-Kissing on the First Date Rule...Ron says he loves to break the rules and was determined to be put on time-out.
After hours of talking, laughing, blushing, and a million butterflies, I got the sweetest goodnight kiss at the end of the night or was it morning.
His kisses are the sweetest
When he asked me to be his:
February 29th, 2012... After one of our long phone calls, I asked, now what?
He answered, after our first kiss I just assumed you were mine.
I replied, well I'm old-fashioned, I don't just assume.
He asked and I said Yup! :)
Our First Picture:
March 2012 @ Lime Mexican Grill
On this day we had lunch with my bestfriend Emily, and the two of them just rambled off as if they've known each other a lifetime.
Our Favorite things to do:
Go to the Movies
The Amazing Spider Man (July 2012) 

Visit my favorite place in the world, Disney!

 Our First Disney Trip May 2012
May 27th, 2012, he got bit by the Mickey Bug :)
Ending One Year and Beginning A New One
December 31st, 2012
He NOW Loves to Travel:
NYC Trip December 2012
FINALLY got bit by the travel bug. :)
and last but not least...

February 1st, 2013
On this day, We became ONE!
With that being said...
I'm off to celebrate the love we have for one another in the Mountains of Dahlonega!!!

So, My Love Bugs, while I enjoy mountain views,  cozying up in front of the fireplace, and even maybe some snow, I'm Wishing Your Day is as Magical as You've Hoped for.


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  1. Congratulations Libby :)
    I'm super happy to see how your romance has flourished!