Friday, February 8, 2013


There are many things in life that we think we can accomplish without the help of another. Many will think, I came to this world alone… I don’t need the help of another. In reality, yes the majority of us are born alone but your Mom helped you get here and doctors and nurses helped her get you here too. I was one who thought this way! I'm doing fine alone, I can handle it all, I don't need anyone.  As you start getting older, you realize that you need someone to get by, whether it be your parents, teachers, friends, bosses, colleagues, boyfriends/girlfriends, husbands/wives, etc.
Just as many of us, I too have gone through a few hard times in my life where I didn’t think I’d ever see the light at the end of the tunnel. Today, I have taken those hard times as obstacles in my life that have helped me become stronger.

Recently, I have run into a tiny bump thankfully; and am so grateful to have had my Babes’ by my side. A project we have been working on didn’t go as we hoped, but we know that there’s something BETTER, that will meet all of our needs and more. I was truly bummed as I was counting down the days, but everything happens for a reason. Of course, I was supportive and kept my cool and told him that everything will be alright and that’s there’s something better for us out there; even if I cried myself to sleep everynight. But after all those tears, I was more concerned on how he was handling the situation than anything else. His response made my heart melt, and my eyes get teary. “Baby, I know how much you’ve looked forward to it, and it breaks my heart to think of you becoming sad or hurt because things didn’t go as planned.” I love that he was more concerned on how I was feeling than the actual cause. I LOVE HIM FOR THAT!
 I remember way back when my Honey and I started dating... He had hit a few bumps along the way and I reassured him that no matter what I was always going to be by his side... that WE are now a TEAM. No matter how bad things get, we support one another and help bring the other one up in order to accomplish all of our dreams and goals. In any relationship whether it be personal or business there is always a team.

When preparing for our pre-marital course, I came across this article by Catherine Morris called Your Relationship as a Team…and I loved how she explained the importance of working together as a team in any relationship.
Here is her article:

You probably don’t consider your relationship as being a team. When you think of the word “team” what comes to mind are likely sports teams. However, when you and your partner come together in your relationship a team is exactly what you are. For this reason, it is important to understand the dynamics of a relationship team in order to strengthen your bond with one another.
A couple working together as a team is a lot like two people beginning a business. At the start of a business the two people are excited about what they are building and have a vision for the future. They’re each aware of their talents, values and desires as well as the talents etc. of their partner. Plans are made with an expectation of responsibility and follow through. Each partner is aware that there will be difficulties and obstacles and that adjustments will need to be made along the way. A business cannot be successful if there is not a built in requirement for ongoing communication.
While it may be a bit of a stretch to compare a relationship with a business venture it is true that when couples consider their relationship in terms similar to those used in business there is a stronger foundation. Ultimately this leads to smoother sailing when difficulties arise.
Fostering teamwork creates a relationship that values collaboration. Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. In a teamwork environment, couples understand and believe that thinking, planning, making decisions and taking actions are better when done cooperatively. A couple operating as a team will direct individual accomplishments toward the objectives that nurture and allow the relationship to flourish.

Characteristics Of A Successful And Healthy Relationship Team:

·         Trust is a solid foundation of the relationship

·         Productive conflict is acknowledged as a natural part of the relationship

·         A Commitment is made to the relationship

·         Each partner’s values are aligned with the goals of the relationship

·         Visions, goals and outcomes are clearly defined

·         Each partner is accountable for their actions in the relationship

·         Mistakes are readily admitted

·         Mutual respect is shown

·         Each partner is given the benefit of the doubt

·         Help or assistance is asked for and graciously given

·         Each partner asks for what they need and want

·         Partners rely on each other’s strengths

·         Apologies are offered and accepted when necessary

·         Interactions are lively, engaging, and loving

·         Potential problems are identified quickly and a resolution that is acceptable to both partners is sought

·         Effective communication skills are used to negotiate agreements and make decisions

·         A safe environment is created in which each partner feels willing to be vulnerable

·         Partners are open to resolving conflict

·         Each partner listens to what the other is saying

·         Effective and clarifying questions are asked when something is not understood

·         Each partner has integrity ‑ being true to their word and doing what they say they are going to do

Working together as a team will help you and your partner to begin to build the kind of relationship that is important to each of you. Good teamwork allows you to dismantle the distance that may have grown between the two of you and find your way back to each other. Problems that seem insurmountable appear smaller when you are working in tandem with someone to solve them. Using effective communication and negotiation skills will allow you to come together to create a team that helps you attain the extraordinary results that your relationship deserves.

So here's to You and Your Significant other, May your Love and Friendship grow strong enough as an 11 man team!

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